Meet All Of Melissa Rycroft’s Children That She Had With Husband Tye Strickland

Melissa Rycroft's children Beckett Thomas Strickland, Cayson Jack Strickland, and Ava Grace Strickland

Melissa Katherine Rycroft-Strickland is an American television personality and a mother of three children. Melissa had all her children Cayson Jack StricklandAva Grace Strickland, and Beckett Thomas Strickland together with her husband Tye Strickland.

American television personality Melissa Rycroft tied the wedding knot with her husband Tye Strickland on 12th of December 2009 at sunset in a beach ceremony in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. As of 2019, the romantic couple still remains happily married and Melissa claims it to be the best decision of her life.

Ava Grace Strickland Is The Eldest Among Her Siblings

The eldest child among all of Melissa Rycroft’s children, Ava Grace Strickland was born on 16th of February 2011 in Dallas, Texas. It is all obvious that Ava Grace’s mother Melissa was very happy and quite anxious to face the new life after her firstborn baby. The mother of three told the People:

“Our lives been completely changed so much in the last two years and we have been blessed with the best change ever by our beautiful baby girl, Ava.”

Not only that but, there is a very strong bond between the mother and daughter and the two are often spotted enjoying their time together.

Melissa Rycroft's children Ava Grace Strickland
Ava Grace Strickland along with her parents Melissa Rycroft and Tye Strickland are often spotted attending annual functions. Image Source: Wire Image.

However, Ava’s adorable and cute profile-looks often reflects her father Tye’s resemblance.

Beckett Thomas Strickland Was Born In 2014

Melissa Rycroft’s middle child Beckett Thomas Strickland was born on 20th of April 2014. He has an elder sister named Ava Grace and a younger brother named Cayson Jack.

Melissa Rycroft's children Beckett Thomas Strickland
Beckett Thomas Strickland was very keen to become an elder brother for Cayson Jack Strickland. Image Source: Yahoo.

However, there not much information regarding the upbringing of Beckett including his siblings have been revealed yet..

Cayson Jack Strickland Is The Youngest Child Of Melissa Rycroft

The former reality star Melissa Rycroft’s third child Cayson Jack Strickland was born on 18th of May 2016. Cayson is the youngest child in his family.

Melissa Rycroft's children Cayson Jack Strickland
Melissa Rycroft together with her husband Tye Strickland was very happy to welcome their third child Cayson Jack Strickland in 2016. Image Source: People.

Being the youngest in the family comes with numerous advantages. Cayson might receive the most attention and love in his family.

Name Meaning: Melissa Rycroft’s Children

Cayson Jack Strickland: Cayson is a male given name of Irish origin which means “courageous and tough.” Whereas Jack is a Latin Engish boy’s name which gives the means of “God is gracious“.

Ava Grace Strickland: Ava is a girl’s name derived from the Latin English word “avis” which means “bird.” Also, Grace is a feminine form of Latin origin which gives the meaning of “eloquence of kindness, mercy, or favor.

Beckett Thomas Strickland: Beckett is an old English name which means “beehive.” While Thomas is an Aramaic personal name which gives the meaning of “twin.

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