How Many Children Does Mike Vitar Has? Learn More About His Kid

Mike Vitar's ChildrenMike Vitar's children, Eli, Wesley, and Norah Paige are incredibly disciplined, talented, and sweet children. Image Source: Kym's Facebook.

The 90s was an incredible era for child actors. Among them is Mike Vitar who starred as Benjamin Franklin in The Sandlot. The former child actor, Mike Vitar, enjoyed a successful career for quite a while as Benjamin.

However, Vitar, who started his Hollywood career at the age of 12, ended it after seven years into the industry. Since not many chid stars are successful in transitioning into grown-up groups, Mike Vitar’s early retirement is not a shocker. As of now, the former actor is pursuing his career as a firefighter in Los Angeles, California.

Not only is Vitar living the life of a hero, but he is also enjoying wedded bliss with his wife, Kym Allen aka Kym Vitar, since 2007. So, today, we will learn about Mike Vitar’s children in this article.

How Many Children Does Mike Vitar and Kym Vitar Have?

Firefighter, Mike Vitar, and his photographer wife, Kym Vitar, make a great couple. They have been married since 2007 and have welcomed three adorable humans in the world.

Although former star, Mike is absent in the social media, Vitar’s children are featured in Kym Vitar’s Instagram and Facebook pages. Well, the couple is pretty low-key about their life and is down to earth despite Mike’s stardom. Therefore, it might be a little pain in the hat to find about all three Vitar siblings. But we tried! Therefore, let’s read.

Mike Vitar’s Eldest Son

Mike Vitar and wife, Kym Vitar, welcomed their first child, Eli Vitar, on 12 March 2007. The little lad just entered his teen and is enjoying his childhood with his siblings.

Although Mike Vitar’s son, Eli, is unable to use social media yet, his mother, Kym, makes up to it. She continually posts about Eli on special occasions and congratulates him on his achievements.

Mike Vitar's children
Among Mike Vitar’s children, Eli is the eldest one. Image Source: Kym’s Instagram.

Likewise, Vitar’s wife, Kym congratulated her eldest son for upgrading to middle school in 2018. Mike Vitar’s son, Eli, seems to be an innocent and intelligent child who has significant interests in kitchen work and most likely to stay away from the camera. Let’s hope the little Vitar grows up spontaneously and do great things in life.

Mike Vitar and Kym Vitar’s Second Son

Parenthood is a great experience that allows a person to see life differently. A woman learns to nurture while a man learns about responsibilities. Therefore, parenting is fun, which brought Vitar’s second son, Wesley Vitar, in the world on 30 April 2009.

Mike Vitar’s wife, Kym Vitar, tirelessly posts about her child and shows her gratitude. She congratulated her son, Wesley, for his school achievements and wished for him a great future. Similarly, Mrs. Vitar also talks about Wesley’s wit and humor.

It looks like Mike Vitar’s second child is fun to be around and a social bird. Let’s hope Wesley prospers at high speed.

Mike And Kym Vitar’s Little Bean

It’s a great advantage to be born as the youngest in the family, especially after two brothers. Therefore, Mike Vitar’s daughter, Norah Paige Vitar, is the luckiest and was born on 31 January 2013.

This little human has a great character and loves to be with her brothers. She further enjoys helping her mother with her chores and seems to be a bubbly person. Mrs. Vitar ritually posted her daughter’s academic progress and congratulated on graduating her kindergarten years.

Mike Vitar's daughter, Norah Paige
Mike Vitar’s daughter, Norah Paige is a sweet girl. Image Source: Kym Vitar’s Facebook.

Children grow rapidly and Vitar’s children seem to have grown much sooner. As children of firefighter and photographer, they get to learn the meaning of life and the meaning of memories together. How beautiful is it?

Since Vitar’s wife, Kym’s Facebook will be a photo library, we can always visit and be nostalgic about three adorable humans’ growth and achievements.

Let’s sincerely hope Mike Vitar’s children make it big in life and earn both reputation and experience as dignified people.

Mike’s Kids’ Name Meaning

Eli is a Hebrew name which means ascended or ‘my God’.

Wesley is of Old English origin which means western meadow.

Norah is an Irish name which means honor.

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