Meet Monte Pearce – Photos Of Carice van Houten’s Son With Husband Guy Pearce

Carice Van Houten and her husband Guy Pearce

The Games Of Thrones’ actress, Carice Van Houten‘s son Monte Pearce was born on August 29, 2016. Monte is the first child of Carice and her partner, Guy Pearce who had never thought of having a child before. Probably, after the arrival of their baby, Monte, Guy Pearce changed his views. He is having a great time being the daddy.

Monte Pearce’s parents Carice and Guy met on the film set of Brimstone in 2016. Guy Pearce had gone through a difficult time when he cut off his marital relationship with Kate Mestitz after 18 years of marriage. However, he is in good terms now.

Carice van Houten’s Son Monte Rarely Shows His Face In Public

Carice van and her partner, Guy Pearce are very vulnerable about their son’s exposition in public. Probably no one has seen Monte’s son in social media except during some occasions when he is in the baby carriage. There are no details about him, but it is still interesting while learning about him.

Being a celebrity isn’t as easy as we perceive. They are totally surrounded by paparazzi; they rarely have any area to relax and be like common people. Some celebrities don’t mind exposing their private matter in the limelight. But in the case of Carice and Pearce, they keep things personal especially their son. It is understandable how the couple keeps their son away from the media spotlight. They may be trying to avoid negative remarks from social media. Carice has shared Monte’s room and his stuff on her Instagram, and they are so lovely.

Carice van Houten's son Monte Pearce's stuff
Carice van Houten’s son Monte Pearce’s favorite stuffs. Image Source-Carice Instagram.

Despite the fact, Carice van gives us a rare chance to know him through her Instagram update. While going through Carice’s Instagram, we found out that Monte is growing up well and handsome. He was uttering the Elizabeth Taylor line “what the dump” which was totally cute. Since his mother, Carice is a singer; we are likely to have expectations that he may follow his mother’s footsteps.

Carice van Houten shares her son's dress
Carice van Houten shares her son’s dress. Image Source-Carice Instagram.

When you learn about Monte, you will learn to love him from behind the curtain. Though he isn’t revealed, Carice keeps on updating his’ dress and audio. This kid is like a shadow. Through her mother’s reflection, we are getting the opportunity to admire his existence.


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Monte Pearce: Name Meaning

Monte is an Italian baby name which denotes Mountain.

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