Meet Olivia – Photos of Elizabeth Smart’s daughter with Husband Matthew Gilmour

Elizabeth Smart's daughter Olivia

The American child safety activist and contributor, Elizabeth Smart’s daughter,  Olivia, was born on 19 November 2018, as the youngest child of the family. The adorable little girl Olivia is the younger sister of 20 months old James, and 3½ years old Chloe.

The proud parents and lovebirds, Elizabeth and Matthew, walked down the aisle after a year of courtship in February of the year 2012. The beautiful family shares a strong and intimate relationship, and the bond between them is inseparable.

Olivia Completes the Family


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The beautiful family of four was already a wonderful family, to begin with. However, the arrival of adorable one-month-old Olivia has completed the family. The siblings of the cutest bundle of joy, Olivia, James and Chloe, are obsessed with the little doll-like sister.

Youngest Sibling of James and Chloe

The child safety activist, Elizabeth Smart and her husband, Matthew Gilmour, are the proud parents of the adorable one months old, Olivia. However, Oliva is the not only child in the family but is sister to big brother, James, and big sister, Chole. The adorable siblings, James and Chloe, are 20 months, and 3½ years respectively.

Elizabeth Smart's family
The American child safety activist and survivor, Elizabeth Smart, shares three wonderful children with husband, Matthew Gilmore. Image source: Elizabeth Smart/Instagram.

The victims’ rights advocate and kidnapping survivor announced the news of expecting her third child and also the arrival on Instagram. The proud mother of three is ecstatic with the arrival of her third daughter and admits that her family is the greatest blessing she has in her life. Likewise, Smart shared an adorable family photo posing with husband Gilmour cradling her newborn daughter to her chest. Besides that, the proud mother does not hesitate to flaunt her beautiful babies on Instagram with heartwarming captions.

According to mother Elizabeth, her children have brought happiness and joy to her life and are the definition of love. Furthermore, the overprotective mother of three confesses rechecking for open windows to be completely sure the children will be okay.

Olivia: Baby Name Meaning

The name Olivia is usually used as a feminine name. In Biblical, the beautiful name Olivia means peace (of the olive tree). The name “Olivia” is Latin baby name and is the symbol of peace. Besides that, the lovely name is also the feminine version of Oliver which means elf army. The name comes from the Lower German name Alfihar- “Alf” meaning “elf”, and “Hari” which means “army”.

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