Meet Paige Drummond – Photos Of Ree Drummond’s Daughter With Husband Ladd Drummond

Paige Drummond Father Ladd Drummond

Paige DrummondRee Drummond‘s daughter with husband Ladd Drummond, was born on 31st of October, 1999. Paige’s father Ladd Drummond is an American millionaire rancher originally from Oklahoma, who owns the Drummond Land and Cattle Company; while her mother Ree Drummond is a renowned blogger, bestselling author, and host of the superhit cooking show The Pioneer Woman. Paige’s parents shared their wedding vows on September 21, 1996.

Paige is the second oldest of the four total children born to the Drummond’s family. She has three other siblings named Alex Drummond, Bryce Drummond, and Todd Drummond.

Paige Drummond Family Life and Lifestyle

As mentioned earlier, Paige was born in the reputed Drummond family. The Drummond family resides on a secluded ranch close to Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

Back in August 2018, Paige started her college life by attending the University of Arkansas, receiving a viral sendoff from her mother in the process. Ree praised her daughter Paige in an Instagram post by saying she would be successful in every stage of her life.

Ree Drummond daughter Paige Drummond
Ree Drummond loves her daughter Paige Drummond. Image Source: Instagram/ Ree Drummond.

Paige and her mother Ree have a very strong bond. They often share each other’s pictures on social media and praise each other. Paige’s guests and friends are well received by her mother in the house.

However, this was not only the case. Paige’s mother Ree has a reputation as a strict parent. Ree quoted that she loathes using boyfriend word to describe boys who hung around with her daughter because she finds it annoying to refer people as her daughter’s boyfriend.

Paige Was Arrested and Accused of Public Intoxication

On the 12th of April 2019, Paige was accused of public intoxication and possession of alcohol by a person under 21 years of age. Radar Online was first to report that she was taken into custody and if found guilty, Paige could have faced up to a year in prison and a fine up to $500.

Paige Drummond
Paige Drummond was charged $500 fine for public intoxication in April 2019. Image Source: Getty.

However, the court record said that Paige was only found in possession of an open container of beer. The report added that by May, Paige had paid over $400 charges; hence her record was expunged and the charges dismissed.

Relationship And Boyfriend

Paige is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend Matt Merrill. In Paige’s last Instagram post before her arrest, she made a tribute to Matt wishing him on his 21st birthday.


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Paige is an enthusiastic, flair, and sweet person who is talented in photography and her baking skills which were confirmed by her mother Ree.

Name Meaning: Paige Drummond

Paige is a beautiful name of Latin origin which means “young helper”.

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