Where Is Peter Green’s Daughter Rosebud Samuels-Greenbaum Now?

Peter Green's deathPeter Green's daughter, Rosebud is a very secretive woman. Image Source: Social Media.

Peter Green, born as Peter Allen Greenbaum was the founder of Fleetwood Mac and became one of the most renowned English blues-rock singer and guitarist. Peter Green’s guitar playing ability was praised by the greatest, Eric Clapton and other prominent names as well.

Sadly, one of the world’s best guitarists, Peter, succumbed to nature’s inevitable rule peacefully during his sleep at the age of 73. Although ‘Man of the World’ singer, Peter left the universe, he lives through his daughter, Rosebud Samuels-Greenbaum.

Thus, here we will be tailing the one who will keep the guitarist immortal, Peter Green’s daughter, Rosebud.

Only Child From Green and Jane Samuels’ Brief Marriage

Fleetwood Mac’s guitarist, Peter Green, was married to a fiddle player, Jane Samuels, in 1978. It is a secret how and when the couple met and married, but their conjugal was very brief. The pair divorced a year after their marriage in 1979.

Although the marriage lasted briefly, the pair welcomed their only daughter, Rosebud Samuels-Greenbaum, in 1978, the same year they got married. Both Green’s ex-wife and daughter remained away from the publics’ eye after that.

Peter Green's daughter Rosebud Samuels-Greenbau,
Peter Green welcomed his daughter, Rosebud Samuels-Greenbaum with ex-partner, Jane Samuels. Image Source: Social Media.

Peter Green’s daughter, Rosebud, is not the only child of the legendary guitarist. She has a half-sibling/ Peter Green’s son Liam Firlej. Regrettably, both of Green’s children are secretive. Thus, we can only hope to see more of them in the coming days.

Living Away From Media Scrutiny

Aforementioned, Rosebud Samuels-Greenbaum’s parents’ romance was momentary. After the divorce, both mother-daughter chose to remain away from the media scrutiny as it can be very harsh to handle.

Hence, the whereabouts of Peter Green’s daughter is not available. Furthermore, she is not present in any form of social media, which makes things worse for curios fans.

Famous as Peter Green’s daughter, she chose secrecy and rarely appears in front of the media. Thus, we can only wish for her to remain in good health and hope to see her in the future.

Rosebud Samuels-Greenbaum’s Father Died In Sleep.

Well, the philosophy of death is pretty complicated and simple at the same time. The irreversible cessation of life and utter pain for those alive is death. And, many people confront their mortality in different manners but some view death in sleep as the most convenient one.

Peter Green, the founder of Fleetwood Mac, died peacefully in his sleep. The legendary guitarist passed away on 25 July 2020 in Canvey Island, Essex, England, at the age of 73.

Peter Green’s family announced his demise via solicitors in a statement which claimed ‘died peacefully in his sleep.’ It added that further details on Green’s death would be provided in the coming days.

Many musicians, including Kirk Hammett, Robyn Hitchcock, Jason Isbell, Peter Frampton, Bernie Marsden, etc., paid tribute to Peter Green via their social media.

Green made several hits with Fleetwood Mac, a rock band he had formed with Mick Fleetwood in 1967. Sadly, Green’s life wasn’t always sweet and had gone through some rough patches.

The man responsible for the instrumental track, Albatross, suffered mental illness and poverty throughout the 70s and the 80s. He expressed all this via his music, which made him one of the greatest.

Sadly, the world lost one of the greatest and the sweetest human being who endured what life threw at him. Although Peter Green’s death brought great sadness to his family, friends, and fans, he remains immortalized through his music. Moreover, he is survived by his daughter, Rosebud, and son, Liam.

Let’s hope Peter Green rests easy, and his family finds solace in his memories.

Name Meaning- Rosebud

The name Rose is of English origin which means a flower.

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