Ruby Wilkos and Jack Wilkos – Photos of Steve Wilkos Kids With Wife Rachelle Wilkos

Steve Wilkos with kids Ruby Wilkos and Jack Wilkos and wife Rachelle WilkosRuby Wilkos and Jack Wilkos are Steve Wilkos' kids with his lovely wife, Rachelle Wilkos. Image Source: Getty Images.

The American television personality Steve Wilkos is a proud father of two children, daughter Ruby Wilkos and son Jack Wilkos. Steve had both his lovely kids with his wife, Rachelle Wilkos. Steve and Rachelle married each other in 2000.

Amongst Steve Wilkos’ children, the beautiful Ruby Wilkos is the eldest, and Jack is the youngest. Now, let’s not waste any time and get straight down to know more about Steve Wilkos’ kids.

Steve Wilkos’ Daughter, Ruby Wilkos Was Born In October 2003

Ruby Wilkos is the firstborn child of Steve Wilkos and his wife, Rachelle Wilkos. The lovely Ruby was born in October 2003. Steve rarely uploads photos of his children on his social media handle. And whenever he uploads a picture alongside his eldest kid Ruby, many people state how she has got a similar appearance as her father.

Steve Wilkos and daughter Ruby Wilkos
Ruby Wilkos alongside her father, Steve Wilkos. Image Source: thestevewilkosshow/ Instagram.

Not just her old man, but Ruby also somewhat looks like her mother, Rachelle Wilkos. The mother-daughter pair of Rachelle and Ruby have got similar blonde hair. For the time being, Ruby Wilkos does not seem to not connected to any social network, but at times she is seen alongside her father attending events.

Nevertheless, who knows, we could see gorgeous Ruby, stepping in the entertainment industry in the future. Or it could also be that she would choose to live a low-profile and subtle life even after being a celebrity kid.

Jack Wilkos Is The Youngest Child Of The Lovely Couple

Jack Wilkos is the youngest kid of Steve Wilkos. He is two years younger than his elder sister and was born in June of 2005. Just like Ruby, Jack also has got blonde hair like their mother, Rachelle. The lovely thing about the family of Steve Wilkos is that they tend to spend a lot of time together.

Steve Wilkos with family
Steve Wilkos, having a lovely time alongside his kids Ruby Wilkos, Jack Wilkos, and wife Rachelle Wilkos. Photo Source: ECelebrity Facts.

Jack is very fortunate to have such wonderful parents and an amazing sister. Steve is providing a great life for his kids and he tends to keep his son and daughter far away from media and the spotlight. But, he usually posts Jack and Ruby’s photos on his Instagram handle.

Despite having a busy schedule, we wonder how does Steve Wilkos takes out time to spend with his loved ones. When asked what he is thankful for, the first thing Steve stated was that he is grateful for his lovely wife and children and his family. So this clearly shows how much of a strong bond Steve Wilkos has got with his family.


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So, in all, the Wilkos family’s happiness and joy rely on Steve Wilkos’ children. Steve Wilkos and his wife, Rachelle Wilkos, loves their children more than anything in the world.

Name Meaning

Ruby Wilkos – The name Ruby is a famous feminine name that is taken from Ruby, the gemstone. It comes from a ruber, a Latin word which means red.

Jack Wilkos – As for the name Jack, it derived from the name Jackin which is a diminutive medieval form of John, which means “Jehovah has been gracious” in Hebrew.

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