Meet Sam Stevens – Photos Of Andrew Stevens’ Son With Ex-Wife Robyn Stevens

Andrew Stevens and his only son Sam Stevens

The American executive film producer, director, and actor, Andrew Stevens‘ son Sam Steven was born on March 16, 1997. Sam is the only son of Andrew with his ex-wife, Robyn Suzanne Scott with whom he also welcomed two other daughters.

Sam has altogether two sibling sisters named Amelia Grace Stevens and Aubrey Estelle Stevens. Regarding his sisters, no details have been released, and it seems like they are still behind the curtains. It looks like the family maintains a secret life and keep their personal stuff away from the media.

Andrew Stevens’ Son Sam Stevens Has Played As A Kid Actor

Besides knowing Sam as Andrew’s son, he is also recognized as an actor. Till the year 2009, he was actively taking part in the movies like Tommy And The Cool Mule, PopStar 2005, Half Past Death 2 and Fire From Below. Since then, he doesn’t seem to have done any movies as we couldn’t find him doing movies role after 2009.

We came upon the doubtful question of whether he closed his acting chapter. Considering his less involvement in the film role, it makes us pretty sure that, he probably must have quit it. For that, we need to hear from Sam himself.

After little investigation through his IMDb, we found that he is also a production designer. Till date, Fire From Below is the only movie he had put his work as a production designer. There isn’t any news about his future project as well. We wonder what made him discontinue his career. We have no clear clue what is he up to now. In the past, Sam was spotted with his parents going at Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

Andrew Stevens' son Sam Stevesn with his mom and sister
Andrew Stevens’ son Sam Stevens with his mom and sister heading to Magical railroad. Image Source-Getty Images.

However, Sam Stevens is the generation of those people who are also recognized with acting from the long periods — being his parents both are renowned actors, whereas his grandmother, Stella Stevens is also the American actress who is 80 years old now. Considering his family background, we can say that Sam has a golden opportunity in making his spot in the entertainment industry.

Andrew Stevens' mother Stella Stevens, the grandmother of Sam Stevens
Andrew Stevens’ mother Stella Stevens, the grandmother of Sam Stevens. Image Source-Getty Images.

Even though he seems to have quit, but the great thing is he has tried. It could be possible that his fortune lies on something else than the entertainment industry. Whatsoever, he is just 22 years old now. Still, he has got many many years to follow his dreams and extend his career.

Sam Stevens: Name Meaning

The name Sam is the Biblical name which means “God has heard.”

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