Meet Samantha Bergeron – Photos Of Tom Bergeron’s Daughter With Lois Bergeron

Tom Bergeron daughter Samantha BergeronSamantha Bergeron is the youngest daughter of Tom Bergeron. Image Source: Instagram/ Tom Bergeron.

Tom Bergeron is an American comedian, television personality, and a game show host. Bergeron is best known for Hollywood Squares, Dancing with the Stars, and the ABC’s America’s Funniest Home Videos. Funnyman and TV host Tom’s successful career made him the winner of the Emmy Award for outstanding host for a reality competition in 2012. Moreover, he has won numerous other awards and titles for his over three decades of service in the American Entertainment Industry.

Besides having a steady and successful career, Tom Bergeron is also a lucky guy concerning his family life. Bergeron is a happily married man and a father of two daughters with wife Lois Bergeron. Here, meet one of Tom Bergeron’s daughters, Samantha Bergeron, and know some of her unrevealed facts.

Second-born of Tom Bergeron

The famous comedian, Tom Bergeron, took the wedding vows with his then-long time girlfriend, Lois Bergeron, on 22 May 1982. Since then, the Bergeron couple shares an unbreakable bonding and is happy with their married life.

During the long journey together as husband and wife, Tom and Lois became proud parents to two beautiful girls. The couple welcomed their first daughter, Jessica Bergeron, in the late 80s. After some years of Jessica’s birth, Tom became a father to another daughter from his wife Lois, Samantha Bergeron, on 7 October 1990.


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Unfortunately, there are not many details available for the public regarding both of Tom Bergeron’s daughters’ childhood days. It seems like Tom wants his daughters to live a healthy life away from unnecessary media dramas.

Moreover, Tom has shared some photos of the little version of Samantha and her sister, Jessica, on his gram. However, there are no pictures of the grown-up girls.

Samantha Bergeron’s Mother

While Tom Bergeron is a famous figure, many are unknown about his baby mama, Lois Bergeron. Since Samantha’s parents tied their marital knot, her mother lives entirely away from the spotlight’s reach. She stayed behind the camera, raising her kids and being the pillar of support for her husband, Tom.

Tom Bergeron daughter with wife Lois Bergeron Samantha Bergeron
Samantha Bergeron’s mother rarely appears in public. Image Source: Instagram/ Tom Bergeron.

Samantha’s mom rarely appeared in public’s eyes and when she does, she does it via Tom’s Instagram page. In 2018, Tom shared a childhood photo of his eldest daughter, Jessica. In the image, Lois was partially blocked by Tom’s left shoulder.

Furthermore, Samantha’s mother’s appearance, Lois, was on Tom’s family photo on his gram. Besides, the baby mama of Tom Bergeron never attends the public events with her celebrity husband. Both Samantha and her mom are away from the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry.

Life Away From The Limelight

Tom Bergeron’s wife, Lois, is not the only secretive person of the Bergeron family. Their youngest daughter, Samantha Bergeron, also seems to keep her life low-key. The thirty-years-old girl of Tom and Lois Bergeron does not seem to have any of the social media accounts registered to her name. If she is available on the social platforms also, she might be operating them with other alias.

Furthermore, Tom Bergeron mentions his daughters occasionally on his Instagram and Facebook. However, he makes sure his daughters do not show their face, and he speaks to the limit that he never reveal their information. Recently, Tom shared a video telling about his homemade Covid-19 mask tip. He mentioned that his daughter shot it. But, he did not tell either if he was talking about Samantha or Jessica.

Tom Bergeron’s daughter with his wife Lois Bergeron, is living a healthy life away from media dramas, porobably in Greenwich, Connecticut. We hope she will show herself off in media soon to know her life a bit better.

Name Meaning: Samantha Bergeron

The Hebrew origin name Samantha’s meaning is listens well.

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