Meet Sharon Preston-Folta – Photos Of Louis Armstrong’s Daughter With Ex-Partner Lucille Preston

Louis Armstrong's daughter Sharon Preston

Legendary jazz star Louis Armstrong‘s daughter Sharon Preston-Folta was born on June 24, 1955, in Harlem, New York. Sharon is Louis’ only daughter together with his ex-partner Lucille Preston. The couple had an adopted son, Clarence Armstrong, who was the son of Louis’ cousin, Flora. In December 2012, Sharon Preston-Folta put forward claims that she was Louis Armstrong’s daughter, which was later confirmed to be true.

Louis and his ex-girlfriend Lucille Preston’s daughter, Sharon Preston-Folta’s profession at the moment is of a sales executive, chef, and author of books. Sharon’s parents’ are not in this world anymore, as her father passed away in 1971, and her mother Lucille died in 2017. But she is continuing their rich legacy by working hard and being successful in her professional life.

Louis Armstrong’s Daughter Sharon Preston-Folta

Before 2012, nobody had any clue about the whereabouts of Louis Armstrong’s children. Many also thought that the jazz legend died without having any children with his wives. As mentioned, in December 2012, a gorgeous woman in her fifties, named Sharon Preston, came forward making claims that she was Louis Armstrong’s only surviving child.

Lucille Preston's daughter Sharon Preston-Folta
Louis Armstrong’s daughter Sharon Preston-Folta is his look-alike. Image Source: Telegraph.

Later, public records verified that Sharon was indeed Louis Armstrong’s daughter, who was born through his ex-partner, Lucille Preston. Lucille was Louis’ girlfriend and lover for a short period. During their romantic relationship, they secretly had their daughter, Sharon Preston. Undoubtedly, Sharon is a beautiful woman, and she has finally come to media limelight for being the daughter of the former lovebirds, Louis and Lucille.

Lucille Preston's daughter Sharon Preston-Folta
Sharon Preston-Folta’s mother Lucille Preston died in 2017. Lucille was close to her daughter, Sharon. Image Source: Read the Spirit

Some sources state that Sharon had a son and was married becoming PrestonFolta.

When it comes to Sharon Preston’s childhood and past life, the story is fascinating. Her father Louis bought a house for her and her mother Lucille in Mt. Vernon, New York. The mother-daughter duo also went to tour with Armstrong on several occasions. Sharon clearly had a pretty exciting life as a child, and her father supported her both emotionally and financially. Following Armstrong’s death in 1971, Sharon’s mother Lucille asked her to keep the secret about being Louis Armstrong’s daughter.

Sharon Preston-Folta: Name Meaning

Sharon is a baby name of Hebrew origin, which means “a plain or a flat are.”

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