Meet Tara Mulan Blum – Photos Of Julia Sweeney’s Daughter With Husband Michael Blum

Tara Mulan Blum's mother, Julia Sweeney

Tara Mulan Blum, the one and only daughter of Julia Sweeney and Michael Blum was born in 2000. Julia Sweeney’s daughter Tara Mulan Blum is not their biological child as the couple adopted her. Both Julia Sweeney and Michael Blum have been loving her as their own child. Julia Sweeney and her husband, Michael Blum have given her the joy and happiness with no signs of discomfort.

michael Blum’s daughter, Tara Mulan Blum is very lucky for the reason that such talented people are her parents. Not only Tara Mulan’s mother but also her father, Michael Blum is talented too. He is one of the finest scientists in the United States. Many details about Tara Mulan hasn’t been revealed yet, so it looks like Michaela and Julia are very protective about their youngling.

Julia Sweeney’s Daughter, Tara Mulan Blum Lives a Low-Key Life

The adorable Tara Mulan Blum lives a normal life with her parents. Tara Mulan may not be the person who wants a lavish life. She is not socially active to give updates to the media and to the world. It looks like Julia Sweeney and Michael Blum doesn’t want Tara Mulan to be familiar with the extreme internet that generates an awful result to her.

However, the gorgeous Julia Sweeney is always there to notify about her daughter using Twitter. Maybe Tara Mulan Blum avoids coming into the limelight because she doesn’t want to create whole new rumors and live a stressful life. Reports show that Julia Sweeney and her husband, Michael Blum have a massive bond of love for their only child.

tara Mulan Blum's parents
Tara Mulan Blum is the only daughter adopted by the couple. Image Sources: Motherhood Later


Tara Mulan Blum’s Mother Julia Has Been Married Before

Julia Sweeney’s ex-partner is Stephen Hibbert who is recognized as an English actor and comedy writer. The former couple was in a marital relationship for five years. No child was born from the ex-partners before they got divorced in 1994. So, Tara Mulan Blum has no half-siblings either.

The reason why Julia Sweeney and Stephen Hibbert had to go through the process of divorce is still vague. Both the parties haven’t revealed why they had split. But as far as we assume, it might have happened due to a misunderstanding between them.

Julia Sweeney's ex-partner, Stephen Hibbert
Stephen Hibbert is the ex-husband of the actress, Julia Sweeney. Image Sources: TRAINWRECK’D SOCIETY and Kelly Rowland Hot

Tara Mulan’s mother, Julia Sweeny got over her ex-husband and got married to Michael Blum in 2008. Now, she is living a life full of happiness with her husband and her child.

Tara Mulan Blum – Name Meaning

The word Tara is originated from Ireland and it means where the kings met. Also, the word Mulan consists of two Chinese words; Mu meaning wood and Lan meaning orchid.

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