Did You Know Taylor Hanson Is A Father Of Six Children?

Taylor Hanson with family

Jordan Taylor Hanson is a renowned American musician of Hanson pop rock band. He is the lead singer and also plays the piano and keyboard. Besides being a musician, Jordan has a happy married life with his wife, Natalie Anne Bryant and they have altogether six children.

Taylor and Natalie have two daughters, Wilhelmina Jane Hanson, and Penelope Anne Hanson, and four sons named Jordan Ezra Hanson, River Samuel Hanson, Viggo Moriah Hanson and the youngest son, Claude Indiana Emmanuel Hanson. The couple’s sixth baby was born after Christmas on 26. December 2018. The family was overjoyed with his arrival as they considered him a lifetime gift from the god.

Taylor Hanson Loves Being With His Children

Taylor Hanson is a proud father of six children with his long-term wife, Natalie. His kids are handsome, beautiful and healthily growing up or are grown-ups. The arrival of his sixth child, Claude Indiana, brought him much happiness and adventurous moment and he can’t wait to spend time with his little baby in the future. It looks like he has got an amazing plan to carry out with Claude. Claude doesn’t have a shortage of siblings at home.


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While Natalie was on maternity leave, Taylor Hanson’s daughters and sons took art lesson for their mom at home.

Taylor’s children are like best friends and caretaker to each other. You can always find them enjoying family time in most of the occasion, and each one pays equal responsibility to their younger ones.

Taylor Hanson's daughters
Taylor Hanson’s daughters hanging out together. Image Source-Natalie Instagram.

Taylor Hanson Feels Proud Being A Dad

There is rarely any picture on social media where Taylor’s family are missing. In most of the occasion, you will find him enjoying the family time. Taylor took to his Instagram stating he couldn’t be more proud than being the dad of six.

Taylor Hanson and his family
Taylor Hanson with his family. Image Source-Taylor Instagram.

Taylor Hanson is the second of his seven siblings born to Clarke Walker Hanson and Diana Frances Hanson. He isn’t only the one in the family who has got a bunch of kids. Whereas his brothers and sisters have also got three or four children. We have no idea if he is trying to match his parents’ record. Let’s hope that in the foreseeable future we will get another news of Taylor Hanson welcoming baby number six.

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