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Georgia Moffett's son Ty TennantTy Tennant is the eldest son of Georgia Moffett and David Tennant. Image Source: Getty Images.

Georgia Moffett‘s son Ty Tennant was born on March 27, 2002, as Ty Peter Moffett. Just like his parents, Ty is also involved in the show business. In fact, he made his debut in the U.K. medical drama Casualty.

Ty is the adopted son of David Tennant and he was adopted after David married his present wife, Georgia. Besides Ty, the couple has four kids. He is really active in public platforms; he likes to keep the public updated about his personal life. Despite being the son of a really wealthy person, Ty likes to keep it simple and play cool. Let’s see what we know about him.

Following Family’s Legacy

David Tennant’s son Ty Tennant is also an actor just like his parents. His father played the role of the timelord in Doctor Who TV show. Well, to be the fact it’s Ty’s family legacy is to be the part of Doctor Who TV show. His grandfather Peter Davison became the Fifth Doctor in 1981. Moreover, his mother, Georgia, has also appeared in the 2008 episode The Doctor’s Daughter, playing the Timelord’s cloned daughter Jenny. So, we are excited to see Ty be a part of the show acting beside his father, David.

David Tennant's eldest son Ty Tennant
Ty Tennant is also an actor, just like his father, David Tennant. Image Source: Ty’s Instagram.

Talking about Ty’s father David, he is not only known for his role in the TV series Doctor Who, but he has also appeared in numerous other movies and Tv shows. As for his net worth, it is estimated to be $7 million.

Furthermore, in an interview in The Graham Norton Show, David said that Ty lectured him about the upcoming baby. He said that when he and his wife told Ty about having a new baby, his reaction was, ‘You’re having another one?’, which is hilarious.

Ty Tennant's net worth
Ty Tennant is the eldest son of Georgia Moffett. Image Source: Getty Images.

David said that it’s bizarre getting lectured from his 17 years old son. Moreover, his son was like ‘Come on, do I need to teach you the basics?’ and later on, it was like a horror show.

Life Behind The Screens

Georgia Moffett’s son Ty Tennant lives quite an ordinary life. Despite his popularity which seems to be increasing day after day, he is a really down to earth person. He loves hanging out with his friends, family, and is really into music. In fact, he uploads pictures and videos of him and his friends playing instruments and singing.


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Regarding his acting career, Ty started with Casualty but his true claim to fame came with the movie Tolkien where he played the role of younger Christopher Wiseman. Ty was spotted celebrating his first movie premiere with his father, David.

Well, we can say that the father-son duo of David and Ty shares a lovely bond which we can clearly see in their photos.

Young Passionate Love

Ty Tennant’s girlfriend Lola Thatcher was also spotted beside him during the premiere of his first movie. Well, to be exact she was looking gorgeous and no wonder the two are so much in love with one another. Their passionate love can be seen clearly in their photos.

Ty Tennant's Girlfriend Lola Thatcher
Ty Tennant and girlfriend Lola Thatcher sharing a picture during the premiere of Tolkien. Image Source: Getty Images.

Furthermore, Ty has also uploaded pictures of his beautiful partner Lola and there too we can see the lovely chemistry between them. In fact, the couple looks great together and seems like they are made for each other.

Family Of Seven

Ty Tennant has four half-siblings, one brother and three sisters. His sister Olive Tennant was born on March 29, 2011, Doris Tennant was born on the 27th of March, 2002 and brother Wilfred Tennant was born on 2 May 2013 whereas his youngest sister Lyra Tennant was born on 23rd September 2019. The Tennant family can be spotted spending time together having fun.

David Tennant and Georgia Moffett's family
David Tennant and Georgia Moffett love spending time with their families. Image Source: Pinterest.

Plus, Ty’s mother, Georgia, was really excited to see her son on the big screen and tweeted that she was really proud of him.

Ty Tennant Name Meaning

David Tennant’s son Ty Tennant’s name means From The Land Of Eoghan.

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