Meet Wesley James – Photos Of The Try Guys’ Ned Fulmer’s Son With Wife Ariel Fulmer

Wesley James' parents

The Try Guys’ Ned Fulmer needs no introduction. The same applies to his hot wife Ariel Fulmer. They are both successful at marketing their brand and earning a lot of money. Ariel’s husband Ned’s net worth is estimated to be at $7 million as of April 2019. It could be assumed that Ned’s wife Ariel’s net worth is the same as Ned’s, as she is Ned’s faithful wife as well as mother to his lovely children.

Together, Ned and his gorgeous wife are one of the happily married celebrity couples. Six years after their marriage in June 2012, Ned Fulmer and his wife Ariel had their first child in June 2018. Ned and Ariel’s son is named Wesley James. The couple lives a happy married life with their cute son.

Pregnancy Announcement And Perfect Baby Shower

On YouTube, Ariel’s husband Ned and her fanbase received a surprise announcement with the news of her pregnancy. In the video posted in February 2018, the couple looks delighted about being parents.

In the video, the adorable YouTube celebrity duo seem eager to welcome a newborn child to their beautiful home. When Ariel was 36-weeks pregnant with her upcoming baby, The Try Guys threw a perfect baby shower for Wesley James’ arrival. The baby shower video was hosted in their home on June 17, 2018. Wesley was born in the same month. The baby shower worked its magic!

Wesley James’ Lavishly Lifestyle With Millionaire Parents

Not long before Ariel gave birth to her son Wesley, his loving father Ned started to shower his baby son with sweet gifts and other items of luxury. Ned and Ariel leave no bricks unturned when it comes to raising a healthy and strong child.

Wesley James and parents
Wesley James enjoys his parents’ company. Image Source: Instagram/nedfulmer.

The overjoyed couple even taught their only son to start walking. In a short Instagram clip, we can see Wesley James walking and enjoying himself in his parents’ house. Well, Ned and his wife certainly know how to raise a healthy and happy kid.


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Fans of “The Try Guys” are happy about Ned’s newborn son. Moreover, Ariel is also lucky to have such a loving husband. Their love for each other is proportionately increasing after the couple’s first child came to this world in 2018. The entire world awaits Ariel’s next pregnancy. To be fair, Ned Fulmer has a son now. As a result, we will be praying that he and wife have a daughter coming next.

Wesley James: Name Meaning

Pronounced WEZ-lee, the name Wesley comes from the Old English word westlēah. It means “dweller near the western wood”.

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