Meet Wilbur Silverton-Heron – Photos Of Kate Silverton’s Son With Husband Mike Heron

Kate Silverton's son Wilbur Silverton-Heron

BBC news presenter Kate Silverton has a son named Wilbur Silverton-Heron with her husband Mike Heron. Kate Silverton’s son Wilbur Silverton-Heron was born to his parents on June 26, 2014. Wilbur’s father is a former British Royal Marine, while his mother is a newsreader for the BBC. Wilbur’s parents are in a happily married relationship since their London wedding on December 18, 2010.

Kate’s son Wilbur is her second child with husband Mike Heron. Through her first pregnancy, Kate has a daughter, named Clemency Florence Rose Heron. Born on November 5, 2011, Clemency Florence is Wilbur’s elder sister.

Kate Silverton’s Son Wilbur’s Passion For Skiing Might Turn Into A Career

Pictures on Kate Silverton’s social media accounts show that Wilbur Silverton’s favorite sport is skiing. After school, Wilbur gets home, finishes his homework like a good kid and then buckles up his skiing gear. Wilbur loves skiing around the neighborhood with his friends until sunset. Then, he gets home, freshens up and gets ready for dinner. Clearly, Wilbur is his parents’ obedient son.


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Besides skating, Wilbur also loves to watch the English football team on the telly with his dad. The dad and son duo have fun in their quiet and stylish London home. It can be assumed that Wilbur also learns crazy dance moves from his mother Kate Silverton, who is an amazing professional stage dancer.

Wilbur Silverton-Heron and mother Kate
Little Wilbur chilling poses for a photo with mom. Image Source: Metro.

Wilburt also loves to go cycling with his sister, Clemency. However, his main interest lies in skating. His love for skating might inspire him to pursue a career as a professional skater in the future. Well, we are happy that Wilbur is passionate about his hobbies. We wish Wilbur the best of luck in his future career.

Wilbur Silverton-Heron Is His Parents’ Obedient Son

Mike Heron’s son is an ideal son to his parents. Unlike many children today, Wilbur’s parents make sure that their only son, is not spoiled. Wilbur follows his parents’ advice with careful consideration. His retired Marine father, Mike, went through strict training routine in the Royal Marines. Well, his father’s discipline and punctuality definitely rubbed off on little Wilbur, that’s for sure.

Wilbur Silverton and father Mike Heron
Wilbur Silverton-Heron listens obediently to his dad’s advice. Image Source: Instagram/katesilverton.

In conclusion, we can imagine that Wilbur learns a lot from his successful and hardworking parents. Kate and Mike are careful when it comes to raising a strong and healthy son. Today’s parents leave no stone unturned when it comes to spoiling their children with fancy gadgets and unnecessary luxuries. Needless to say, Wilbur’s parents are an exemplary exception to this modern-day epidemic of spoiled children.

Wilbert Silverton-Heron: Name Meaning

Wilbert is a Germany name, which means “resolute, brilliant”.

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