Meet William Strummer Bissonnette – Photos Of Molly Parker’s Son With Ex-husband Matt Bissonnette

Molly Parker's son William Strummer BissonnetteWilliam Strummer Bissonnette is the only son of well-known actress Molly Parker and her ex-husband Matt Bissonnette. Image Source: Daily Mail.

Molly Parker, a Canadian actress, married Matt Bissonnette, a screenwriter in 2002. However, due to some unfortunate irreconcilable differences, they separated in 2009 and filed for a divorce in 2016, 7 years after the split. The former pair have one child together, William Strummer Bissonnette.

Molly Parker’s son William Strummer Bissonnette was born on October 13, 2006. He is a fair child with brownish hair, which he inherited from his mother. Both the mother-son duo are quite often seen during the movie premiere and award shows. After Molly’s unfortunate divorce, she is usually accompanied by her son William. So, let’s know more regarding the little Bissonnette, William.

Mum Molly’s Favorite

They say god can’t be present everywhere and with everyone, so he has created mothers. All mothers love their children more than they love themselves; likewise, Molly also adores her son. She has only one and says it’s enough for her. Molly Parker’s son William Strummer Bissonnette had been spotted on multiple occasions with his mother, and we can say he looks really handsome. He has inherited his father Matt’s good looks.

Molly Parker's son William Strummer Bissonnette
William loves spending time with his mother, Molly. Image Source: Getty Images.

Furthermore, as we discussed earlier, Molly’s kid also accompanies her during movie premieres. Both the mother-son duo look great together, and the love for her son can be seen through her behavior. She is really cautious when it comes to her son. She never overexposes her son and doesn’t let much information out regarding him.

Protective Mum Molly

Molly Parker is rather a person of privacy and she is not very active in any social media platform. Not only that, she has also not uploaded any pictures regarding her son. William’s mother is raising him in privacy under her own care. We can assume that she doesn’t like the public disturbing her son. Like we know how star kids are treated nowadays, they are continuously followed by the paparazzi.

Molly Parker's son William Strummer Bissonnette
Molly with ex-husband Matt and her son William. Image Source: Daily Mail.

Moreover, every small detail regarding star kids is uploaded on the internet, which makes them vulnerable, which might lead to unfortunate results. Maybe to prevent such bad things from happing to her son, we can assume she has hidden all the information regarding William, which is fair enough if you ask us. Being protective is a good thing, and we do respect her decisions.

Father Matt

William Strummer Bissonnette’s father, Matt Bissonnette, is a Canadian screenwriter as well as a director. He is best known for Who Loves the Sun, Passenger Side, and Looking for Leonard. Nonetheless, he has directed multiple ads for well-known companies like Sony, Viacom, and Taco Bell.

Molly Parker's ex-husband Matt Bissonnette
Matt and Molly separated nearly a decade after living together. Image Source: Pinterest.

Speaking of Matt’s relationship with his son, he shares quite a bond with his dear son William. We can just imagine the father-son duo spending time fishing or just surfing. Maybe they love spending time reading books as Matt is quite a famous author. Whatever they do, we are sure they do it together and enjoy doing what they do.

William Strummer Bissonnette Name Meaning

Matt Bissonnette’s son, William Strummer Bissonnette’s name, is of English origin, meaning Resolute protector; will.

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