Meet Zuleika Bronson – Photos Of Late Charles Bronson’s Daughter With Ex-Wife Jill Ireland

Charles Bronson's daughter Zuleika Bronson

Zuleika Bronson is the daughter of Late American actors, Charles Bronson, and Jill Ireland. Zuleika doesn’t have significant media coverage. Unfortunately, her dad, Charles passed away on August 3, 2003, at the age of 81 and her mom in May 1990.

Zuleika’s father, Charles was one of the highest paid actors who had been married thrice including Jill Ireland. There are no details about Charles Bronson’s children as we couldn’t trace their whereabouts. However, Charles was reported having seven children. Two from his previous marriage to Harriett Tendler and another two including Zuleika herself with Jill. It was revealed that others were adopted. Zuleika seemingly has many siblings around her.

Late Charles Bronson’s Daughter Zuleika Lives A Normal Life

Zuleika Bronson has a normal status under media coverage. Despite being the daughter of Charles Bronson, she rarely seems to have been indulged in such things that could arouse media sensation. However, we found some of her pictures showing off her great figure. It looks like she has been a model. Nevertheless, after going through her posts, we can’t deny the fact that Zuleika is a beautiful grown-up girl. She resembles her dad a lot.

Late Charles Bronson's daughter Zuleika Bronson
Late Charles Bronson’s daughter Zuleika Bronson is his only child with Jill Ireland. Image Source-Getty Images.

Besides, we also found her few posts with her parents before they bid a farewell from the world. In the past, she often appeared in the media limelight with her parents. It looks like she used to share a close relationship with them. When Zuleika was small, she was once spotted around a ship and a few times on award shows.

Zuleika Farm Is Named After Her Name: Zuleika

Zuleika Farm is in Vermont, United States. From the name itself, we can directly denote the name of Zuleika. You might think of why she received great honor from her parents. The fact is that she was the only child the couple had shared together.

Late Charles Bronson and his ex-wife Jill Ireland had a daughter Zuleika Bronson
Late Charles Bronson’s daughter Zuleika Bronson has a Zuleika Farm which was named after her name. Image Source-Getty Images.

Zuleika’s parents, Late Charles Bronson and his wife, Jill had owned a horse farmhouse before as part of their business. During the short course of time, she learned horse riding from her parents so that she could perform at a higher level. We have no idea if Zuleika took it throughout to extend her career. Nevertheless, this can’t deny the fact that Zuleika is familiar with horses and loves to be around them.

One more thing, she also likes snakes. We wonder if she has got snakes as a pet at home.

Zuleikar learned horse riding from her parents
Besides adoring horses, Zuleika Bronson has also an eye for snakes. Image Source-Getty Images.

Zuleika Bronson: Name Meaning

The name Zuleika is a female given name which is originated from Arabic. It means fair, brilliant and lovely.

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