A List Of Greatest TV Shows Of 2022

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If you are a fan of great TV shows, 2022 must have been one amazing year for you. It has been a year with some of the most interesting TV shows. The article below is dedicated to catching you up on some of the ones you have watched, and if not, you can add it to your viewing list of great TV series you are to watch in the future. If you are not a fan of TV shows or series, this article might get you to take a different perspective. You might enjoy most of the shows we list below. We are going to list the best of the best shows that have been produced in the year 2022.

The Drop Out

The Drop Out show depicts how the impossible is made possible, leaving Elizabeth Holmes sympathetic. This show makes the public perception of the Theranos founder complicated. This is because Amanda Seyfried came top in performance; this reminds us that even the best titans are just ordinary high schoolers in Izods at heart.

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The Responder

When it comes to emergency TV dramas, this is amongst the best TV shows. If you have been asking yourself, what are the top 5 TV shows of 2022? This show makes it to that list and follows police officer Martin Freeman and Chris Carson. The officer is pushed closer to the edge each day.

He goes through various daring situations that he has to deal with each day because he is made to become the first responder. The series brings into focus the daily challenges policemen face and what impact it has on their lives physically, mentally and emotionally. The show is one of Freeman’s best works yet.

The Old Man

The show’s production started during the COVID onset; it is a miracle that The Old Man made it to the screens. It is a film in which a man’s sins have come back from his past to haunt him and how it impacts his surroundings and the life of the people around him. The main character Dan Chase is an ex-CIA agent.

His former handler has turned on him and become his hunter. It also showcases his love life when a former analyst is drawn into his world. What is the most-watched TV series in 2022? It might answer your question. This TV show has captivated the hearts and minds of many.

The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power

In this TV series, amazon took a gamble which paid off. They spent a huge sum of money on the production of this hit. If you have pondered over what is the most trending series in 2022? The Lord of the Rings is a TV franchise series that deserves that title, hands down.

The main character, miss Galadriel played by Morfydd Clark, embarks on a quest to track down Sauron, who everyone believes does not exist and has been gone for good since long ago; everyone believes her quest is pointless. The movie features special storytelling and amazing visuals for you, the viewers. It features the dwarf kingdom and elves; this TV series is a must-watch for you.

We Own This City

It is a TV series that features the effects of crime, drugs and the policing of inner Baltimore. The protagonist is sergeant Wayne Jenkins, while the amazing actor John Bernthal is the head of a corrupt task force in charge of tracing guns in the streets of inner Baltimore. His approach to crime is brutal, so we must warn all viewers who are not used to scenes of violence. His main aim is lining his pockets and bashing in the skulls of the wrongdoers.

The show is set in the aftermath of the demise of Freddie Gray, who was killed by the Baltimore police department in 2015. It hops to the back and the front of the head of the popular task force. This show also exposes the depth of endemic corruption rooted in the American police system, starting from the brutality of those meant to protect and serve to the lengths wrongdoers go to ensure the authorities never catch them. Therefore, if you haven’t watched this one, we suggest you go out and get it because it is very interesting and captivating.

In the article above, we have given you the best TV series suggestions for you to watch. We hope it fits all your expectations regarding the tastes and preferences of your most loved TV series.

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