NatGeo Documentary The Space Race Salutes NASA’s Black Pioneers

NatGeo Documentary The Space RaceNatGeo Documentary The Space Race. Image Credit: Social Media.

NatGeo, which is known for unveiling some of the hidden truths about our world, recently released its documentary film that salutes NASA‘s black astronauts.

So, we are here with the full-length review of the NatGeo documentary The Space Race. Further, we will also talk about the cast members and the astronauts whose contributions led to the completion of this film.

What Is the Documentary About?

THE Space Race tells the tales of numerous Black astronauts, like Guion Bluford, Ed Dwight, and Charles Bolden, who aspired to reach the stars and broke free from the chains of societal injustice.

NatGeo Documentary The Space Race
NatGeo Documentary The Space Race. Image Credit: Social Media.

Directors Diego Hurtado de Mendoza and Lisa Cortes highlighted the journey of pioneer pilots, scientists, and engineers. The Space Race successfully acknowledged their contributions to working in NASA even though their country had failed to secure equality.

The story of African Americans at NASA is one of the aspirations of extraordinary men colliding with world events and focusing on JFK’s assassination, which prevented Captain Ed Dwight from reaching the Moon.

Similarly, the International Space Station was rocked by the echoes of civil unrest sparked by George Floyd’s death, which is also shown in the film.

Who Are the Cast Members in the Documentary?

Ed Dwight as himself: Ed is an American author and former test pilot.He is the first African American to enlist in the Air Force, the training program from which NASA selects its astronauts. It was controversially decided not to choose him for NASA officially.

Dwight talks about his experience as a pilot and how John Kennedy selected him to be the first astronaut. However, his fascination turned the tide. But he is finally being celebrated.

NatGeo Documentary The Space Race
NatGeo Documentary The Space Race. Image Credit: Social Media.

Victor J. Glover as himself: Victor is a NASA astronaut and graduate of the U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School. He was chosen as the crew pilot for the Artemis 2 mission, scheduled to circle the Moon in 2025.

Charles Bolden as himself: Bolden is a former astronaut and administrator of NASA. He served under Barack Obama from July 2009 to January 2017.

Guion Bluford as himself: Bluford is an aerospace engineer and former NASA astronaut. Similarly, he is the first African American to go to space.

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NatGeo Documentary The Space Race Review

The documentary received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. Most critics applauded the director’s vision and research to bring light on one of the crucial events of the United States Space Program.

NatGeo Documentary The Space Race
NatGeo Documentary The Space Race. Image Credit: Social Media.

Similarly, on Rotten Tomatoes, NatGeo documentary The Space Race has received 87% ratings, which is extremely good. Furthermore, IMDB and Metacritic gave the film 7.5 and 71% ratings, respectively.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that the Lisa Cortes directorial is generating colossal love and appreciation from the public. Her hard work and dedication are highly reflected in this one-and-a-half-hour documentary.

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Where Can You Watch the Documentary?

The space race premiered on the National Geographic Channel on February 12, 2024. Further, it was exclusively available for streaming on Disney+ and Hulu on February 13, 2024.

So, if you are also interested in learning about NASA’s history and the first-ever Black astronaut, you can check out the documentary in your free time.

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