The Rookie S6 Ep1 Strike Back Review: Major Spoilers Ahead

The Rookie S6 Ep1 Strike Back ReviewThe Rookie S6 Ep1 Strike Back Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

Hey there, Rookie fans! We know you are excited as the new season of the American police procedural crime drama television series just released its new episode on the ABC network.

Let’s talk about The Rookie S6 Ep1 Strike Back review. Further, if you are a first-timer, we will also reveal the basic plot of the series. So, stay tuned.

What Is the Primary Plot of The Rookie?

The series follows Nathan Fillion’s character, John Nolan, a 45-year-old newly divorced man from Pennsylvania.

At the beginning of The Rookie, Nolan relocates to LA nine months after assisting police officers during a bank heist in his hometown of Foxburg.

Nolan left his comfortable small-town life to pursue a new career as a Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officer.

After graduating from the Police Academy, Nolan became the eldest rookie on the force. However, he must manage his job’s risky, unexpected nature and is motivated to succeed in his new career despite the hurdles.

The Rookie S6 Ep1 Strike Back Review

The extended hiatus caused by industry strikes left The Rookie fans impatiently expecting its return. However, the series made a triumphant return, taking up just where it left off.

When we last saw our favorite LAPD officers, they were confronting an unknown threat that had already damaged many cops.

The Rookie S6 Ep1 Strike Back Review
The Rookie S6 Ep1 Strike Back Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

Episode 22 of season 5 left Aaron Thorsen (Tru Valentino) in serious condition in the hospital. But this new season has well established the conflict for Aaron in regard to killing the criminals.

Leaving aside some serious turmoil on The Rookie S6 Ep1 Strike Back Review, we also got a preview of Nolan’s next chapter.

The rest of the show began with a six-week time jump as Nolan worked his final shift before marrying Jenna Dewan, Bailey. However, the story quickly became jumbled as the episode juggled multiple subplots that struggled to work well together.

The Rookie S6 Ep1 Strike Back Review
The Rookie S6 Ep1 Strike Back Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

The episode also showed different sub-plots. We got to see the ongoing development story between Lucy Chen and Tim Bradford.

Some portions of the premiere seemed choppy. However, the exciting, action-packed opening maintained the adrenaline-pumping momentum of The Rookie Season 5 Episode 22.

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What To Expect From the Next Episode?

ABC released a sneak peek from the second episode, which gave a general understanding of what to expect in the upcoming episode.

Nolan is all ready to marry the woman of his dreams while the LAPD is trying hard to solve the case. Further, at the last moments of the promo, The Hammer, Nolan sets out to fight the bad guys on his wedding day.

So, get yourselves ready for the most dangerous wedding of the year, as The Rookie S6 Ep2 will surely blow your minds.

This much for The Rookie S6 Ep1 Strike Back review. We will see you again soon. Until then, Adios.

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