Judi Dench Net Worth – One Of The Richest English Actresses

Judi Dench's net worth.With long career, the Oscar winning actress, Judi Dench has amassed hefty sum as her fortune. Image Source: Judi Dench's Instagram.

Judi Dench is one of the most famous and successful actresses from Britain. She is known for her historical role as Juliet in William Shakespeare‘s play Romeo and Juliet. However, her versatile skills have made every project notable.

The talented actress is a seven-time nominee for the Oscar award. She is also a winner of various awards including an Academy Award, a Tony Award, Four British Academy Television Awards, and many more.

Furthermore, with her outstanding acting skill, her name often comes on the list of highest-paid actresses. Thus, let’s learn how much the talented star has added up to her wealth and what is Judi Dench’s net worth.

Judi Dench Net Worth And Earnings

As reported by Express in 2019, Judi topped the list of highest-paid actresses curated by People with Money. As of 2022, Judi Dench’s net worth is $45 million. With over a six-decade-long career, the actress is now one of the most successful and established theatre performers.

Earnings From Movies

Most of what adds up to Judi Dench’s fortune is her earnings from her acting career. You will be shocked after knowing how much her movies collect at the box office. Well, given below are a few of the films that Judi starred in and its box office collection.

Movies Box Office Collection
A Room With A View (1985)$21.04M
Mrs. Brown (1997)$9.22M
Philomena (2013)$100M
Shakespeare In Love (1998)$289M
Notes On A Scandal (2006)$414M
84 Charing Cross Road (1987)$1.08 M
Pride and Prejudice (2005)$121M
Jane Eyre (2011)$34.7M
My Week With Marilyn (2011)$35M

As you can see, Judi’s movies collect a hefty sum at the box office and she also makes heavy sum for her work. As per Zip Recruiter, the average salary of an American actress falls between $29K to $220K. But considering Judi’s experience and skills, she must earn way more than an average salary.

Other Earning Sources

Apart from her movies, the legendary actress also earns from her tv shows and plays. As reported by Comparably, theatre actors make around $127K. Therefore, Judi Dench’s net worth also benefitted from her earnings as a theater actress.

The Romeo and Juliet actress also makes a hefty sum from her TV career and these shows are equally popular as her movies. So Judi must have pocketed a lot through her TV series too.

Well, with all that said, the Skyfall actress’s fortune seems reasonable. Moreover, with such a fat bank account, she can easily afford a luxurious life.

Lifestyle And Assets

The Oscar-winning actress’s family has a connection to royal families. Furthermore, with her fortune and fame, her lifestyle is not less than any royal members. She must have collected many real estate properties and luxury cars.

Judi Dench's net worth.
Judi Dench owns many mansions and a luxury car. Image Source: Judi Dench’s Instagram.

The actress reportedly owned a Greenwall house worth more than $1 million. Well, Judi Dench has lived in the picturesque tiny village in Outwood, Surrey for a long time. The famous actress also used to live in her house next to the vicarage in Charlecote.

Furthermore, she also owns a luxurious car, Jaguar XK6 which is worth $80,000. Judi Dench is currently dating David Mills, so she must be living a happy life with her partner.

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Donations And Charity

The Pride and Prejudice actress lost her husband, Michael Williams, to lung cancer back in 2001. The loss must have caused a big void in her heart. As a result of which she is a patron of a campaign of the Roy Castle Lung Foundation, Women Against Lung Cancer.

Moreover, Shakespeare In Love actress has also co-hosted the Unite for the Future Gala, supporting the victims and Doctors without Borders with an American actor, Kevin Spacey. She is also part of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children’s Hall of Fame in 2007.

In addition to that, over 36 charities and foundations have been benefited from her generosity including, Alzheimer’s Society, NAACP, and many more.

After taking a look at Judi Dench’s net worth, it is evident that the actress is living a lavish life which she earned from her hard work and dedication. We wish more success and great health to the actress.

Trivia And Fact

  • Judi’s full name is Dame Judith Olivia Dench.
  • She has one daughter, Finty Williams whom she shares with her husband, Michael Williams.
  • Her first stage performance was at her junior school.
  • She is the winner of Best Supporting Actress at the Oscar award for her movie Shakespeare In Love (1998).
  • Her grandson, Sam Williams is a look-alike of famous singer Ed Sheeran.
  • After digging into the history of her family Judi Dench found that she has links with both Swedish and Danish royal families.

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