Meet Alexa Jeong and Zooey Jeong – Photos of Ken Jeong’s Twin Children With Wife Tran Jeong

Ken Jeong's daughter Alexa and Zooey Jeong

Alexa Jeong and Zooey Jeong, Ken Jeong‘s daughters with wife Tran Jeong, were born on 2007. Alexa and Zooey are the couple’s only children.

The American comedian Ken Jeong tied the knot with Tran Jeong on 2004. The couple is happily living with their beautiful daughters Alexa and Zooey.

Ken Jeong’s Twin Daughters Alexa and Zooey Are Incredibly Beautiful

People have a preconception that twins look exactly the same and they do. Well not in case of Ken Jeong’s twin daughters Alexa and Zooey. They look completely different. Not only their looks but their personality is also different. Just like the twin sisters, the twin children of Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick also share a lot of differencesBut both of them are equally beautiful, and their looks tell us that they are talented just like their parents Ken and Tran Jeong.

Zooey Jeong and Alexa Jeong
Ken Jeong’s beautiful daughters Alexa Jeong and Zooey Jeong. Photo source: Ken’s Instagram

The Hangover star Ken Jeong’s daughter Zooey has guest starred in Dr. Ken. She also appeared in Jimmy Kimmel Live with her father Ken. On being asked whether she wants to be an actor when she grows up, she said yes without any hesitation. It seems like she will carry on her father’s acting career. Not to miss, she is also funny just like her dad. It seems like comedy runs in the blood of father and daughter.

In a conversation with People, Ken shared that Zooey loves comedy. On the other hand, her sister Alexa loves gymnastics and has a great passion for it. Ken holds on the notion that children should be allowed to do whatever they wish to do. He stated that they should be encouraged to follow their dream and that’s what they are doing as parents.

Alexa and Zooey are so lucky to have such supportive parents. We guess they are thankful to have their parents who have nurtured them in the best way possible. Also, Ken and his wife Tran are blessed to have their twin daughters Alexa and Zooey who are their source of happiness.

Ken Jeong with family
Ken Jeong with wife Tran Jeong and Daughters Alexa and Zooey at the premiere of Goosebumps 2. Photo source: Ken’s Instagram

Alexa and Zooey Jeong Name Meaning

Alexa Jeong- The name Alexa is a shortened form of Alexandra which has a Greek origin. Its meaning is a defender of man.

Zooey Jeong- Zooey is the name for a girl which is derived from the Greek name Zoe, Its meaning is life.

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