Meet Amber Donoso – Photos Of Lisa Butcher’s Daughter With Gabriel Donoso

Lisa Butcher's daughter Amber DonosoLisa Butcher's daughter Amber Donoso has always been passionate about music. Image Source: Amber's Instagram.

Lisa Butcher is an English fashion model and TV presenter who made an appearance on The Big Breakfast alongside Chris Evans. Lisa made a good name for herself in the fashion world and handled her fame as a television personality. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for her marital life. Lisa Butcher married twice and welcomed two kids from her second marriage with polo rider Gabriel Donoso.

Lisa Butcher’s daughter, Amber Donoso, is a gorgeous young girl making a career of her own in the music industry. The stunning brunette has been releasing her music since 2019 and has accumulated millions of die-hard fans. Following the success, we will discuss more of Lisa Butcher’s daughter, Amber, her career preferences, and her personal life. Hence, enjoy the informative trails of letters.

Born To Lisa And Her Second Husband, Gabriel Donoso

Aforementioned, Lisa Butcher was married twice, and she welcomed two daughters with her second husband, Gabriel Donoso. The Donoso couple’s daughter, Amber Donoso, has grown up into a beautiful person. She further stated her career as a singer since 2019.

Growing up, Lisa Butcher’s daughter, Amber Donoso, was very into modeling. Moreover, Lisa would take her baby girl to her work, and she further revealed that both her daughters, Amber and Olivia Donoso, were scouted by several agencies.

Unlike Amber, her sister, Oli Donoso, is a full-time model associated with several agencies. Both Amber and Olivia share a close bond and animals. Given that their father was one of the best polo players of all-time, Amber has close ties with horses.

Unfortunately, Amber Donoso’s father, Gabriel, passed away because of fatal injuries during a match in Argentina on 10 November 2006. Though her daddy couldn’t see her blossom into the beautiful person she is, he must be very proud of her achievements at a very young age. Moreover, Amber remembers her father’s sportsmanship and their friendship as well. She further shares several throwback pictures with heartwarming captions. 


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Similarly, Amber is also very close to her mother and uploads their moments together as well. Unlike Lisa and Olivia, Amber is all about business on her social media, with more than 10k followers. Thus, Lisa Butcher’s daughter, Amber Donoso’s career as a singer, is a hit.

Lisa Butcher’s Daughter Is A Musician

As mentioned earlier, the Cheer You Up singer is into music more than the fashion industry. Although Amber’s height and grace match that of supermodels, she is doing great at making music.

Amber Donoso’s Instagram is filled with her gorgeous face and fabulous music. She also posts a few glimpses of her music videos. During an interview, Lisa Butcher’s daughter, Amber Donoso, revealed that she was always passionate about music. She further recalled doing shows for her friends and family where she’d imitate Christina Aguilera and Shakira. Amber continued to disclose her determination to be a singer and a performer at age 10.

Lisa Butcher's daughter Amber Donoso
Lisa Butcher’s daughter Amber Donoso decided to make a career as a performer at age 10. Image Source: Amber’s Instagram.

Furthermore, Amber disclosed that she has been working as a professional musician since age 18. She released her first single, Get Off, in 2017. Since then, Amber has opened up her heart through music and written memorable songs. She released her ‘Cheer You Up’ in late 2019, which was a massive success.

Lisa Butcher’s baby, Amber, believes that persistence is the key. She expresses her emotions through her music. Like the Get Off was about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend. She further revealed that the theme song was about being unable to move on. The London-based Chilean beauty is thankful for all her fans and is looking forward to publishing more of her new songs.

A YouTuber & Model

Besides singing, Lisa Butcher’s daughter, Amber Butcher, is also called a fashion model. She has been able to turn tables in both the field and is trying to focus in music more. Furthermore, Amber revealed that modeling was a short-term way to finance her music career.

Lisa Butcher’s babygirl further added that she loved fashion in a way to express herself. She also revealed that she’d like to design her own collections and makeup line. Additionally, Amber emphasized that her fashion was an exact representation of her personality and loved to push boundaries of the ‘norm.’

Likewise, Amber is not just music and fashion; she has also landed on YouTube. Her YouTube family is growing up gradually as she has been posting videos of her music, makeup tutorials, and many more. Although Amber Donoso’s YouTube family is small now, it sure has potential.

Lisa Butcher’s multi-talented daughter, Amber Donoso, is beautiful, sings, and dances. She is a happy being who expresses her emotions via music and fashion. Therefore, we could anticipate more of Amber’s music in the coming days.

Name Meaning: Amber

Amber means the soul of the tiger in Asian culture.

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