Meet Ashen Josan Page – Photos Of Jimmy Page’s Son With Ex-Wife Jimena Gómez-Paratcha

Jimmy Page's Son Ashen Josan PageAshen Josan Page is the youngest child of Jimmy Page with ex-wife Jimena Gómez-Paratcha. Image Source: Jana Page's Instagram.

The youngest child of the Page clan, Ashen Josan Page, son of rock legend Jimmy Page and beautiful Jimena Gómez-Paratcha, was born in 1999 during thirteen years of his parent’s togetherness. Sadly, Ashen’s parents separated in 2008 after getting married back in 1995.

In the Page clan, there is the inclusion of his big sister Zofia Jade Page and other half-siblings, sister Scarlet Page and brother James Patrick Page III from his father and sister Jana Page from his mother’s past relationships and Jimmy’s girlfriend Scarlet Sabet as well.

As for now, let’s discover more about the Lord of the riffs, a.k.a. Jimmy Page’s son Ashen Josan Page, who was born in 1999.

A Wanderer

Ashen Josan Page is the lover of nature and believes in the peace of mind. Looking at his big sister’s Instagram posts, it can be seen that Ashen goes on numerous outings for meditation and lives a very hippie life. We can assume that Ashen is not in the thirst of the limelight but is in the longing for peace. The wanderer, who is the son of a legend, chooses to live a very low profile life.

Jimmy Page with his children
Ashen Josan Page is the son of the musical legend, Jimmy Page. Image Source: Wireimage.

Even though Jimmy’s little boy is a wanderer, he still comes back home, reunites with the family members, and rekindles the memories.  Ashen and Zofia also love spending time with their mother, Jimena Gómez-Paratcha. Well, the divorce of their parents didn’t stop them from growing with love and care from both father and mother.

Jimmy Page's Son Ashen Josan Page
Ashen Josan Page is the man who protects his mother, Jimena, and big sisters. Image Source: Jana Page’s Instagram.

We can see that despite living in such a digitally captivated world, Ashen has chosen a different way from many other youths. Apart from that, we hope that Ashen is close to his father, Jimmy Page, as well and spends time with him.

Loveliest One

Ashen Josan Page has a big sister named Zofia Jade Page and other three half-siblings, sisters, Jana Page from his mother, Jimena’s past relationship, Scarlet Page from his father’s previous relationship with Charlotte Martin and brother James Patrick Page III from his father’s ex-wife Patricia Ecker. Despite being born to separate mothers, the siblings are very close to each other and share a very special bond.

Jimmy Page's Son Ashen Josan Page
The Paige siblings. Image Source: Jana Page’s Instagram.

Jimmy Page’s youngest creation has grown up to be a very good looking lad and can be concluded that he carries good visual genes from his parents. We hope that the Paige siblings are not only close to each other but are spending lots of time with their father, Jimmy Page. We wish the family only happiness and prosperity.

Jimmy Page’s Son Ashen Josan Page: Name Meaning

The name Ashen means ‘of or resembling ashes.’ And for his middle name Josan, it means honest, benevolent, brilliant, and often inventive.

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