Meet Ava Bailey Quinn – Photos of Myleene Klass’s Daughter With Ex- Husband Graham Quinn

Myleene Klass' daughter Ava Bailey Quinn

The British pianist and TV presenter, Myleene Klass’ daughter, Ava Bailey Quinn, was born on 16 August 2007 as the eldest daughter of the family, The beautiful daughter of Myleene with ex-husband Graham Quinn, is the big sister of little Hero Harper Quinn.

The proud parents of two beautiful angels, Klass and Quinn, walked down the aisle on 21 October 2011, when Ava was four years old. However, the former soulmates parted their ways on 23 April 2013.

Little Ava Made a Wedding Dress For Her Mother

Myleene Klass's daughter, Ava Bailey Quinn
The fashion icon, Myleene Klass’s daughter, Ava is the eldest child of the Klass with Graham Quinn. Image source: Pinterest.

The eldest daughter of Myleene Klass with former husband, Graham Quinn, is a talented young girl. The beautiful little daughter Ava was so desperate to get her parents to walk down the aisle that she made her a wedding gown when she was four years old. The beautiful then-four years old Ava brought her skilful hands and fashion designer mother’s genes to use and designed a “wedding dress” for her mother to get married in. The amateur fashion designer Ava’s masterpiece is like a coil of silk with knitting wool and big sparkly gold frilly bits. The 40 years old Myleen love her daughter’s work and thought the dress was fabulous.

Ava Loves Working Out and is Learning Piano With Her Mother


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The celebrity mother Myleen has been a master in the art of juggling her professional life and private life. Despite being busy, Klass manages time to take her daughters, Ava Bailey and Hero Harper, to school in London even in a rainy morning. Furthermore, the adorable mother-daughter duo shares a mutual interest in working out and the piano skills of the mother and daughter are impeccable.

Despite admitting that motherhood is not all smooth sailing, Myleen loves the struggle that comes with it and is perfectly raising her kids with boyfriend, Simon Motson.

Ava Bailey Quinn: Baby Name Meaning


The name Ava is a traditional Latin name. The name is a derivation of the beautiful Latin word “Avis” which means “Bird”. Besides that, the name “Ava” is the short form of Hebrew name Eve, “Chava” which means “living one”.


Bailey is a lovely name from an English surname meaning “bailiff” or “berry cleaning”. The unisex name is one of the most popular names in the United States.

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