Meet All Of Big Boi’s Children With His Wife Sherlita Patton

Big Boi wife children

Big Boi‘s children are Cross Patton, Bamboo Patton, and Jordan Patton. His son, Bamboo, was born from his prior relationship with his girlfriend named Julia. Cross and Jordan were born to his wife, Sherlita Patton. Big, whose real name is Antwan André Patton, tied the knot with his gorgeous wife Sherlita on March 23, 2002.

The former Outkast hip-hop king, Big is a proud father of his three kids. Cross and Bamboo attend college, while Jordan is a recent college graduate. All in all, the family of five lives a comfortable life in the USA. They reside in their home state, Atlanta, Georgia.

Cross Patton Plays College Football

Big Boi’s son Cross Patton plays as a running back at the University of Oregon, according to his Instagram. As described by some, Cross is a beast in the field.

He graduated from Woodward Academy in 2019. As such, Cross attends college at the moment, and he reportedly plays college-level football. Being the son of a rap icon, Cross also listens to a wide variety of music. He has a turntable and a diverse vinyl collection.

Big Boi's son Cross Patton
Cross Patton plays football for the University of Oregon. Image Source: Cross’ Instagram.

Cross, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, is his parents’ loving son. He has an elder sister, Jordan, who has already finished college. His half-brother is Bamboo Patton, who was born to his father Big Boi’s ex-girlfriend.

Bamboo Patton Graduated High School

Bamboo Patton’s mother Julia is Big Boi’s ex-girlfriend. He was born outside of his father’s marital relationship. Bamboo is also into sports and he likely plays football as a hobby.

Big Boi's son Bamboo Patton
Bamboo Patton goes to college and listens to vinyl records. Image Source: Bamboo’s Instagram.

Going by Bamboo’s Instagram account, Bamboo is close to his mother Julia and frequently sees her.


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The mother-son duo indeed has an unbreakable loving bond. Furthermore, Big is the kind of daddy who never forgets his son’s birthday party!

Like his older half-siblings, Jordan and Cross, the young Bamboo has also completed his high school education with honors. He lives with his loving father and stepmother, Sherlita. Talking about his hobbies, Bamboo has his record collection, which he listens to regularly.

Jordan Patton Is A Psychology Major

The eldest child of Big Boi and Sherlita Patton, Jordan Patton graduated from Auburn University with a degree in psychology. It looks like Jordan is going to pursue a career as a psychologist. When it comes to her music tastes, Jordan is perhaps the most affluent in her family. She owns a private turntable to play her favorite vinyl records.

Big Boi's daughter Jordan Patton
The gorgeous Jordan Patton is the only daughter of Big Boi and Sherlita Patton. Image Source: Big’s Instagram.

Jordan is undoubtedly a beautiful daughter of her parents and a loving sister to her siblings. Following her father Big’s footsteps, Jordan has learned to appreciate good music at an early age. The future looks bright for Jordan Patton and her family.

Big Boi’s Children: Name Meaning

Cross Patton: Cross is an Anglo-Saxon name, which one who “lives near a cross symbol or a crossroads.”

Bamboo Patton: Bamboo refers to the name of the plant that pandas eat.

Jordan Patton: Jordan is derived from the Hebrew name “yarden,” which means “to flow down or descend.”

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