Meet Blake James Briscoe – Photos of Daughter of Nicole Briscoe With Husband Ryan Briscoe

Nicole Briscoe'sdaughter Blake James Briscoe and other members of her familyNicole Briscoe with her daughters Blake James Briscoe and Finley Briscoe and husband Ryan Briscoe

Nicole Briscoe‘s daughter Blake James Briscoe was born on the 2nd of July 2016. Blake James is the youngest daughter of Nicole with her husband, Ryan Briscoe.

The cute Blake also has got an elder sister named Finley Briscoe, and the two share a lovely sisterly relationship. Both of Blake James Briscoe’s parents are well-known people as her father Ryan is an IndyCar Series driver and mother Nicole is a sportscaster for ESPN network.

Blake James Briscoe, Daddy’s Little Girl

Nicole Briscoe’s daughter Blake James stole the post of her elder sister Finley to become the daddy’s new little girl. But it doesn’t mean that Ryan adores his little one much more than his elder daughter, he loves both of them equally. When Nicole Briscoe gave birth to her second kid, her husband Ryan was pretty excited. They hadn’t known about the gender of the child and were 50/50 whether it was a girl or a boy, and when it Blake James Briscoe arrived into the world both Nicole and Ryan were surprised.

Nicole Briscoe's daughter Blake James Brisoce
Blake James Briscoe, youngest daughter of Nicole Briscoe. Photo Source: Nicole’s Instagram.

Ryan then took on his social media handle to share the happiness with all of his fans. He uploaded the photo of the small Blake James and announced the arrival of his second child.

Like Nicole Briscoe’s elder daughter Finley, Blake is also in love with cars. Who knows if the little Blake will also become a great racing driver like her dad. If you check out the Instagram profile of Nicole, then you will see how much the 38-year-old loves to share adorable photos of her daughter Blake James.


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Along with that, Nicole was thrilled when she got a surprise from her daughters Blake James and Finley on the sets of Sports Center during her birthday.

Blake James Is Fond Of Her Sister Finley

Nicole Briscoe is a proud mother of two kids. Plus both Blake James Briscoe and her elder sister Finley Briscoe are close with one another and share a loving bond.

All in all, Nicole Briscoe’s daughter has got a great family where everyone adores her a lot.

Blake James Briscoe and Finley Briscoe, daughters of Nicole Briscoe
Both of Nicole Briscoe’s daughters Blake James Briscoe and Finley Brisoce share a lovely sisterly bond. Photo Source: Nicole’s Instagram.

Blake James Briscoe- Name Meaning

The name Blake is derived from the Old English word ‘blāc’ which means bright and shining.

And as for the name James, it has a Hebrew origin which means “supplanter: rulers of countries.” It looks like Nicole Briscoe took her time to come up with such a meaningful name for her daughter.

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