Did You Know Bob Marley’s Son Stephen Marley Has Got More Than Ten Children

Bob Marley's son, Stephen Marley

Bob Marley’s son, Stephen Marley is a Jamaican American reggae artist. He has a total of thirteen children that he had over the years with his many ex-partners. Stephen is currently married to his wife Kertia DeCosta MarleyKertia DeCosta Marley though many sources claim that they have parted ways.

The talented singer has six sons and seven daughters. Stephen loves all of his children from the bottom of his heart. He likes to be around his family and spend some good times with them.

Stephen Marley’s son, Jo Mersa Marley Was Also An Artist

Jo Mersa Marley was born on March 12, 1991, in Kingston, Jamaica. Just like his dad, he is a Jamaican American reggae artist. Bob Marley’s grandson, Jo Mersa is very famous in the present gen. He has 81.4k followers on Instagram as of April 2019.

Jo Mersa has a cute daughter, however, he has not disclosed the baby mama in the public. From his Instagram posts, we can see that he really likes to hang out with his daughter.

On Dec 28, 2022, Jo was found dead in a car. The artist passed away from an asthma attack, according to South Florida radio station WZPP, although the exact cause of death has not been made public.


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Zipporah Marley Is In A Relationship

Stephen Marley’s daughter, Zipporah Marley is not as recognized as her dad. She lives a casual life. She has still not disclosed her birthday. Going through her Instagram account, we got to know that she loves her normal life.

As Zipporah Marley has posted a couple of photos with a guy captioning “We’re good luv, enjoy.”, she might be in a relationship with him. Looks like she likes to go around the places and enjoy. We bet she is happy with her life.

Stephen Marley's daughter, Zipporah Marley
Zipporah Marley likes to keep a low profile life. Image Sources: zipporahmarley/Instagram.

Shacia Marley is a DJ by profession

Stephen Marley’s other daughter, Shacia Marley is a DJ and creates awesome beats for the music. Looking at her Instagram, we can clearly tell that she is living a lavish life. Maybe Shacia adores partying and clubbing due to the fact that she is a DJ by profession.

The photos of Shacia Marley with her friends on Instagram can possibly prove that she is very close with them. Just like her sister, Zipporah, she also travels to interesting places to catch a break from her life.

Stephen Marley's daughter, Shacia Marley
DJ Shacia Marley performing in an event. Image Sources: Pinterest.

Stephen Marley’s son, Jeremiah Marley Lives A Low-Key Life

Jeremiah Marley seems to be the person who does not like to be around the cameras and the media. His birthday also has not been revealed yet.

Jeremiah Marley has an Instagram account but the latest post in his Instagram is of January 2018. So, we think that he is not an active user of Instagram. Not all people know what he does to earn money and is still under cover.

Stephen Marley's son, Jerimiah Marley
Jerimiah Marley with his sisters, Shacia Marley, and Mystic Marley. Image Sources: BCK online.

Benjamin Marley is not famous like his father

Stephen Marley’s son, Benjamin Marley is not as popular as his dad and grandpa, Bob Marley. He is also likely to be living a life just like any normal people. Maybe he has an itch to come into the media limelight.

Stephen Marley's son, Bengimen Marley
Bengimen Marley lives a life away from the media limelight. Image Sources: Twitter.

However, he has a Twitter account that he hasn’t used for a long time. The last tweet he had tweeted was in 2014. So, maybe he was fed up of using the social media accounts and wanted to live a life free of any disturbance.

Summer Marley Also Enjoys A Normal Life

Summer Marley is also one of the daughters of the talented singer, Stephen Marley. It looks like she also hates to be around the cameras and paparazzi just like her brother, Benjamin Marley. Maybe she likes to have privacy in her life.

She has a Twitter account which she has not used for approximately two years. She seems to be very supportive of her siblings as she has tweeted good for her siblings.

Stephen Marley's daughter, Summer Marley
Summer Marley seems to be avoiding the spotlight. Image Sources: Pinterest

Summer Marley is also not interested to have the fame and name and wants to keep a low-profile.

Sasha Marley Works In A Company

Stephen Marley’s daughter, Sasha Marley is not a singer like her father. Perhaps she wants to keep her life private and live a usual life. She uses Twitter and is an active user.

From Sasha’s tweets, we possibly think that she works in some kind of company. We are not a hundred percent sure about Sasha’s current relationship but she might be in a relationship with a lucky guy.

Stephen Marley’s Other Children

Other than these children, Stephen Marley has six more children whom he loves very much. They are Mystic Marley, Yohan Marley, Stephen Marley Jr., Lailah Marley, Nyah Marley, and Binghi Marley. Looks like they are not fond of using any social media accounts and want to have a low-key life. It Might be that they want to prevent themselves from the dark side of the spotlight.

Despite their dad, Stephen Marley, and grandpa, Bob Marley have such name and fame in the world, maybe they want peace and harmony so they can live a stress-free life with their family.

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