Meet Bonnie Bella Jordan – Photos of Stevie J’s Daughter With Ex Joseline Hernandez

Cute daughter of Stevie J, Bonnie Bella JordanBonnie Bella Jordan, daughter of Stevie J

The American musician Stevie J has got 6 children in total and his daughter Bonnie Bella Jordan is one of them. Stevie J’s daughter Bonnie was born on the 16th of December, 2016 to Stevie J’s ex-partner Joseline Hernandez.

Daughter of Stevie J, Bonnie Bella is already a kind of star on Instagram. As of September 2018, the young Bonnie has got over 53.4K followers on her Instagram profile. Many must be wondering how can a girl aged 1 have a social media account, well the profile is possibly handled by her mother Joseline.

Stevie J’s Daughter Bonnie is No Less Than a Model

Going through the Instagram profile of Bonnie, it feels as if Stevie J’s daughter is already into modelling. You will find plenty of photos of hers along with both of her parents. The cute Bonnie Bella Jordan looks an exact replica of her mother Joseline Hernandez.

Daughter of Stevie J
Stevie J’s daughter Bonnie Bella Jordan alongside his ex Joseline Hernandez. Image Source: Bonnie’s Instagram.

Going through Bonnie’s Instagram, we can see how much love and affection her parents have got for her. Stevie likes to call his daughter “Bon Bon.” As seen in one of the videos, Stevie is having a lovely time with his daughter Bonnie aka Bon Bon.

Since Stevie J’s daughter, Bonnie is about to celebrate her second birthday, there are surely a lot of things to look up for her. One thing is for sure though, if she decides to be a rapper then her papa Steve J and mama Joseline will help her to the fullest.

Stevie J's daughter Bonnie
Bonnie Bella Jordan, daughter of Stevie J with ex-partner Joseline Hernandez.Image Source: Bonnie’s Instagram.

Bonnie Bella Jordan’s Custody Case

Even though Bonnie has got a good relationship with both of her parents, her parents don’t have a nice relationship with one another. Despite Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez were never married, at the time of their split they had to fight for their child’s custody. Plus Stevie J last month married Faith Evans, LHHNY star, and widow of late rapper Notorious B.I.G.

Stevie J's daughter
Stevie J and his ex Joseline Hernandez share the joint custody of their daughter Bonnie Bella Jordan. Photo Source: Hollywood Gossip and Bonnie’s Instagram.

After a nasty period of time, the case was finally settled. It was decided that Stevie J will be paying $1000 per month to his baby mama Joseline as child support. Both will have the joint physical custody of their daughter Bonnie Bella but only Joseline will get the primary physical custody.

Bonnie Bella Jordan- Name Meaning

Both the name ‘Bonnie’ and ‘Bella’ have a similar kind of meaning. Bonnie is a Scottish origin word whereas Bella has an Italian origin. Both of the words mean cheerful and beautiful. Plus looking at Stevie J’s daughter it seems to fit her perfectly well.

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