Meet All Of “Bringing Up Bates” Star Zach Bates’ Children

Zach Bates' ChildrenZach Bates has three children with wife Whitney Bates. Image Source: Zach and Whitney Bates' Instagram.

The ‘Bringing Up Bates’ Star Zach Bates vowed always to love each other, and spend life together to Whitney Bates on December 14, 2013. In their happily married life, they got three children together, son Bradley Gilvin Bates, and daughters Kaci Lynn Bates and Khloe Eileen Bates.

As for now, let’s unravel more about Zach Bates’ Children, the part of huge Bates family tree.

Eldest Son Bradley Gilvin Bates

Zach Bates’ Son Bradley Gilvin Bates was born at 10:12 pm on October 29, 2014, and weighed 7 pounds and 10 ounces during the time of his birth. Bradley is the fifth generation of the huge Bates family and to have the middle name “Gilvin,” which means “trusted.” The firstborn of stars Zach Bates and Whitney Bates has appeared on ‘Bringing Up Bates’ regularly since first appearing back in 2015.

Zach Bate's Son Bradley Gilvin Bates
Bradley Gilvin Bates is the firstborn of ‘Bringing Up Bates’ stars, Zach Bates and Whitney Bates. Image Source: Zach and Whitney Bates’ Instagram.

The cute Bradley has an excellent bond with parents and sibling sisters. Especially with sister Kaci who is just two years younger than him. Looking at the TV show and Instagram, we can see that Bradley is growing up very fast and wonderfully. We hope he will grow up in good health.

Daughter Kaci Lynn Bates

Zach Bates’ daughter Kaci Lynn Bates was born on June 20, 2016, at around 10 pm and weighed 7 pounds and 8 ounces. Being born in a reality TV stars’ household, Kaci has been appearing on the show since 2016 after having a whole episode named ‘The Night the Lights Went Out in Tennessee’ focused on her. Kaci’s middle name ‘Lynn’ comes from her maternal grandmother, Lynn Perkins.

Zach Bates' Daughter Kaci Lynn Bates
Zach Bates’ daughter Kaci Lynn Bates is very close to her big brother Bradley. Image Source: Zach and Whitney Bates’ Instagram.

We can see that  Kaci is very close to her big brother and spends a lot of time playing with him. We can sense a lovely bond between the two, and it’s all thanks to papa Zach and mama Whitney’s great parenthood.

Youngest Daughter Khloe Eileen Bates

Zach Bates’ daughter Khloe Eileen Bates is the youngest child born on Thursday, November 7, 2019, at 3:48 pm, and weighed seven lbs., 9 ounces. Before Khloe’s birth, her parent’s suffered from a miscarriage which had broken their heart. However, the arrival of baby Khloe mended the wounds of papa Zach and mama Whitney. And little Khloe is enjoying all the attention she is getting from her brother Bradley and sister Kaci.


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Zach Bates’ Children are growing up with lots of love and care. The couples, Zach Bates and Whitney Bates show great parenthood and wish their kids grow in a pleasant environment.

Zach Bates’ Children: Name Meaning

Son Bradley Gilvin Bates: The name Bradley is of English origin, meaning “broad wood,” “broad clearing.” As for the middle name Gilvin, it means ‘trusted.’

Daughter Kaci Lynn Bates: The name Kaci is a variant of Casey (Irish, Gaelic) and Kacie (American), meaning “alert, watchful.” And the middle name Lynn is of English, Irish, and Gaelic origin, which means “ruddy-complected.”

Daughter Khloe Eileen Bates: The name Khloe is of Greek origin, meaning “small green shoot of a plant.” As for the middle name, it is of Gaelic, Scottish, Scotch-Irish origin, which means “bright, shining one.”

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