Meet Christina Erika Lee – Photos Of Christopher Lee’s Daughter With Wife Birgit Kroencke

Christopher Lee's daughter Christina LeeChristopher Lee is a horror icon best known as Count Dracula. He is also the father of Christina Lee. Image Source: Getty Images.

Born on November 23rd. 1963, Christina Erika Carandini Lee is the daughter of the legendary actor, Christopher Lee. Christopher was an English actor, singer, and author. He also had a remarkable acting career, which lasted nearly 70 years. Christopher Lee was best known for his role as the infamous Count Dracula.

Sir Christopher Lee married the love of his life Birgit Kroencke on 17th March 1961. The couple was together until death separated them as Christopher passed away on June 17, 2015. The lovely pair shared their marital life for about fifty-four years and had only one child, a daughter. So, today we will learn more about the only daughter of the legendary actor, Christopher.

Shared A Lovely Bond

While Christopher was still alive, he was accompanied by his better-half and beloved daughter to most of the places he went to. Whether it was an event or just a party, Christopher rarely showed up alone. We can conclude how much of a great bonding the father-daughter duo shared.

Christopher Lee's daughter Christina Lee
Christina accompanying her parents during an event. Image Source: Getty Images.

Apart from that, when Christopher Lee’s daughter Christina was just a child, he used to read her Peter Pan storybook. He also took his little daughter to the park, where the three of them used to spend family time together.


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Moving on, Christina has inherited her mother’s good looks, in fact, now, when she has fully grown up, she looks exactly like her mother. Christopher Lee’s daughter Christina has inherited not only her parents’ good looks but also their charismatic nature.

Unfortunate Departure Of Father

We all know how much of a great actor Sir Christopher was. He was one of the best actors ever to play the part of Count Dracula. For horror fans, it was a significant loss to lose someone like Christopher Lee. Christina Erika’s father was an icon, a legend in the horror genre. The passing of Christopher shook everyone in the entertainment industry. From the likes of Tim Burton to Roger Moore, everyone showed their gratitude towards the legendary actor.

Christopher Lee's daughter Christina Lee
The unfortunate passing of Christopher shook the world. Image Source: Pinterest.

Moreover, not much is out there regarding the only daughter of the horror icon Christopher Lee. But knowing she is the child of the acting legend, we can only imagine she is living a comfortable life outside the limelight. Plus, unlike her beloved dad, she must have sown a different path in life that possibly has taken her far away from the show business. So, we can only imagine she is living a comfortable life with her family outside the media’s attention.

Christopher Lee's daughter Christina Lee
Christina visited her dad on the set of a movie. Image Source: Getty Images.

That said, Christopher Lee’s daughter has appeared two times on-screen. According to her IMDb profile, she has been part of two documentary shows namely This Is Your Life and Christopher Lee – Gentleman des Grauens. She is also married to her better-half Juan Rodriguez since July 28, 2001. Though the question regarding if Christina is a mother and has children or not is yet to be answered.

Christina Erika Lee Name Meaning

Christina Erika Lee’s first name is of Latin origin, meaning Follower of Christ. As for her middle name Erika, it is a feminine form of Eric, derived from Old Norse. The meaning of Erika is eternal ruler, ever-powerful.

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