Connie Britton’s Son Eyob Britton – Adoption And Fascination For Music

Connie Britton's son Eyob BrittonConnie Britton adopted her son, Eyob Britton from Ethiopia. Image Source: Connie Britton Instagram.

The HBO satire comedy-drama show The White Lotus was the most-recognized limited series with 20 nominations for the 2022 Emmys Award. Several supporting actresses from the series have been nominated, including Jennifer Coolidge, Alexandra Daddario, and others. Connie Britton is one of them.

Connie is one of the renowned actresses in Hollywood who has bagged several acting credits to her name. Apart from being known for her work in television, the Boston-born filmstar is a proud mother of a child. In this article, we will be learning in detail about Connie Britton’s son Eyob Britton and see how he is growing up.

Connie Adopted Him From Ethiopia

As mentioned earlier, The White Lotus actress is a proud mother of a child. Britton’s little guy, Eyob Britton, was born in Ethiopia on January 25, 2011. In November of the same year, she adopted him after a three-year-long adoption process.

Furthermore, at the time of adoption, Connie Britton’s son was only nine months old. She went to the African country to adopt her babyboy, Yoby. As already stated, it took a three-year-long adoption process to have her dreams of motherhood get fulfilled. Ms. Britton expressed that she thanks her lucky stars every day. She even revealed that the day she held him in her arms was something she would never forget.

Connie Britton's Son Eyob Britton
After a lengthy process of three years, Connie was able to adopt her baby boy, Eyob, from Ethiopia. Image Source: Connie Britton Instagram.

The actress reminisced that the moment was wonderful and thought she would collapse into a puddle of tears. A week later, Britton brought her lovely kid back to the USA and is raising him with immense love and pampering.

Additionally, when Eyob was adopted, his mom was moving to Nashville to star in the show Nashville. She juggled parenting and work life with no support system at her new home. She revealed that those moments taught her grit, to rely on her instincts and herself.

His Mom Taught Him About His Roots

Connie Britton’s kid, Yoby, is growing up well and having a wonderful time. But, as he has remained in the USA since his mom brought him from Ethiopia, many might think he knows nothing about his roots and origin. Well, in the case of the sweetest celebrity kid, it’s actually different.

According to AmoMama, Eyob Britton’s mom taught him about his roots. Moreover, he also has a map of Africa and Ethiopia in his room. The mother-son duo also travels back to Africa once a year. Similarly, the actress revealed that her little man is proud of being an Ethiopian, and it always made him feel special.


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In addition, the blonde beauty stated that she wanted to nurture her only child’s love of his ethnicity. She also wanted to empower him as against racial injustice in the USA. Furthermore, the actress revealed that she has zero tolerance for white systemic racism that abuses and destroys black people. So, Eyob is really lucky to have such a protective mama.

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A Fruitful Pandemic

The 2019 global pandemic has been a curse to many. On the other hand, there are some people who took it as an opportunity to be with their loved ones. Well, in the case of The White Lotus star, the pandemic became a way to have extra time with her lovely baby.

Moreover, Connie Britton’s son had a fruitful pandemic. In the summer of 2021, he attended a surf camp. Likewise, the Brittons enjoyed several outdoor activities, including basketball, bike rides, and swimming. In addition, Eyob’s mom was homeschooling him, and she revealed that it was exciting. Once the pandemic was over, he began skateboarding.

The Boston native disclosed that she and her kid are avid travelers, and she loves going on trips with him and exploring new places. She revealed that she was looking forward to traveling together after the end of the pandemic.

Similarly, while talking with People, Connie revealed that her morning ritual with her babyboy is very special. She added that when she was shooting, she tried to get her call time to be only after she dropped Yoby at school so that she could have more time with him. However, with the pandemic, she did not have to allocate time.

Eyob’s Flourishing Music Talents

Connie is also popular for portraying country music star Rayna Jaymes in Nashville. While she has claimed her singing voice is rusty, she does not hold back in the car or in the shower. On the other hand, her son’s musical talents are flourishing, which she is proud of.

In an interview, Eyob’s mama revealed that he loves music and was becoming a really good musician. She added that he even played drums, guitar, and piano. Furthermore, the 2022 Emmy nominee revealed that she created a playlist for him when he was 4 or 5. And now, the playlist has become long, and the mother-son duo listens to it daily.

Similarly, music has become a big part of their lives. So, who knows, if Yoby continues practicing and honing his musical skills, he might indeed become a good artist in the future. Well, only time will tell what his career plans are.

Nonetheless, Connie Britton’s kid seems to be doing well. The former often shares adorable pictures of him. Let’s hope he becomes a good person in the coming days.

Connie Britton’s Son’s Name Meaning

Eyob, a personal name of Ethiopian origin, is the Ge’ez translation of Job from the Bible.

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