Is Darren Sharper A Father Of Two? Does He Have A Son And A Daughter?

Darren Sharper ChildrenOwing to Darren Sharper's popularity his kids are often dragged into the spotlight. Image Source: Social Media.

Darren Mallory Sharper is a former football safety who played with the Green Bay Packers for most of his National Football League career. Additionally, he also played with the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints

However, Darren Sharper is best recognized for the rape claims and charges against him. Owing to this, the media has also emphasized his personal life. While the media has focused on his previous relationships, they have generally avoided discussing his kids.

So, in this article, let us look at Darren Sharper’s children and see how they are growing up.

Darren Sharper’s Daughter

Amara Sharper is best recognized as former footballer Darren Sharper’s kid. However, with Darren’s reputation tainted with rape allegations and charges, he has kept his child out of the spotlight. As a result, apart from her name, nothing is known about his baby girl.

Darren Sharper Children
Darren Sharper’s daughter, Amari Sharper, stays away from the spotlight. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

In addition, the former athlete has kept his baby mama’s identity a mystery. Moreover, Sharper has also avoided posting any images of his daughter on social media. Furthermore, with the athlete imprisoned, where his child currently resides is unknown.

That being said, Darren had once contributed to a book titled NFL Dads Dedicated to Daughters. According to the former athlete, his daughter helped him realize how women are treated in the real world, prompting him to add to the book. So, we can assume that Sharper shared a close bond with his kid.

Still, Darren Sharper’s daughter must have been heartbroken when she learned of the footballer’s crimes. However, let us hope that after the former athlete is released from prison, he will be able to reconcile with his child.

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Does Darren Sharper Have A Son?

Many media outlets claim that apart from his daughter, Darren is also a father to a boy. However, the former athlete has denied the rumors time and again. He even stated that the next time he has a child, it would be with his future wife. So, what prompted the gossips to run rampant throughout the media?

Many sources claim that Sharper does, in fact, have a kid with his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Patricia Hall. According to SI, Sharper’s lawyers also acknowledged that the former NFL player did have a second child. However, the former Saints safety himself did not comment to confirm the claim, and Patricia too declined to talk about the issue.

As a result, whether or not Darren has fathered a son is not known. But if he has, then we must give props to him for keeping his identity hidden from the public.

Still, let us hope that we will get to know more about Darren Sharper’s children in the coming days.

The Former Saints Player Was Accused Of Rape

Many athletes have been arrested and accused of sexual misbehavior ranging from sexual assault to rape. However, nothing will prepare you for what former NFL athlete Darren Sharper has done throughout his life.

Publicly, Sharper preached for women’s safety. Yet behind closed doors, he was the one who mistreated and exploited innocent women. What makes it much worse is that more than a dozen women have claimed that the former athlete raped them.

The first of his rape cases made headlines when a New Orleans Saints cheerleader informed police about passing out and waking up naked at Sharper’s apartment. However, the district attorney’s office was hesitant to pursue the case. Consequently, the court dismissed the allegations after only five days of investigation.

However, once Darren’s rape allegations made headlines, many other incidents surfaced. In 2013, five different women came forward with their stories and accused the retired football player of rape. With all of the new cases and evidence coming forward, the police arrested Amara Sharper’s father, Darren, on January 17, 2014.

Even though the court briefly released the convicted athlete, the police once again arrested him in February 2014. Finally, U.S. District Judge Jane Triche Milazzo sentenced him to eighteen years in prison in August 2016 for drugging and raping more than 16 women. However, the court increased his sentence to twenty years for two further acts of forceful rape and drugging.

The former athlete is currently serving his time in Otisville, New York. Well, let us hope that his acts of terror will not continue once he is back in the real world.

Name Meaning

Having Italian origins, the name Amara means bitter.

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