Meet Declan Welles – Photos Of Brooke Burns’ Daughter With Gavin O’Connor

Brooke Burns' daughter, Declan WellesBrooke Burns' daughter, Declan Welles is a lively child. Image Source: Brooke's Instagram.

Born Brooke Elizabeth Burns, Brooke grew up to be a renowned fashion model, television personality, and game show host. Besides modeling and game show hosting, she has also appeared in the romantic comedy Shallow Hal, Mockbuster Disaster Titanic II.

Apart from her career, the 43-year-old show host, Brooke Burns, is a doting mother of two daughters from her two marriages. Here, we shall talk about the youngest of two and her daughter with her husband, Gavin O’Connor.

Thus, scroll until the end to find out more about Brooke Burns’ daughter, Declan Welles, and her whereabouts from here on.

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Born To Brooke Burns And Her Husband, Gavin O’Connor

Aforementioned, the Shallow Hal actress Brooke Burns welcomed two daughters from her marriages. She gave birth to her youngest child, Declan Welles O’Connor, on January 22, 2017, at 4:22 am.

Burns announced the arrival of her baby via Twitter, linking to her Instagram post. Since then, Declan has become a constant face to appear on her mother Burns’ Instagram. Furthermore, the new mama, Brooke, documented her daughter’s growth every week and allowed her 26.3K followers to enjoy her growth.

Moreover, Brooke Burns’ daughter, Declan Welles, is the spitting image of her parents combined. The little blonde is a fun-loving child who spends most of her time with her parents and seems to have fallen in love with the camera, not to mention, she is purely photogenic.


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Besides being adored by her mommy, Declan is definitely a daddy’s gal. The father-daughter duo also has the best time together, whether it be a dance party or Halloween. Moreover, Burns’ husband is a doting father himself who loves to shower his youngest all the love.

Also, Declan Welles receives ample love from her half-sister, Madison. In fact, Burns often shares pictures of her number 1 and 2 on her social media handle.

Has Half-Siblings From Both Sides

Perks of being the youngest and on top of that, being the cutest, you receive all the love and attention from the family members. Alike is the story of Brooke Burns’ daughter with Gavin O’Connor, Declan.

As mentioned earlier, Declan is not just her parents’ favorite but her sister, Madison’s. However, if we failed to mention above, she has two half-siblings from both sides. Her mother, Brooke Burns, welcomed Madison Elizabeth McMahon, from her first marriage with Australian-American actor Julian McMahon.

Likewise, Declan Welles’ father, Gavin O’Connor, also has a daughter from his previous relationship. Interestingly, Burns’ daughter, Madison, and step-daughter are of the same age, which in fact played a significant role during her courtship period with Gavin.

Brooke Burns' daughter, Declan Welles
Brooke Burns’ daughter, Declan Welles is loved by her sisters and parents. Image Source: Brooke’s Instagram.

Additionally, Declan’s mom often posts pictures of her and her half-sister from her father’s side on her Instagram, referring to her number 3. Thus, technically, Brooke Burns is a mother of three.

Declan’s Parents Got Hitched in 2013

As mentioned earlier, Brooke Burns married twice. She previously got married to actor-cum-former model Julian McMahon on 22 December 1999. They parted ways after three years of marriage and a daughter.

However, love wasn’t far from the field for the television personality. Declan’s mother found her second husband, Gavin O’Connor, and fell in love. Both Burns and O’Connor’s daughters played a vital role during their courtship, as stated earlier.

According to E Online, Burns recalled that their little girls, Madison and her partner’s daughter, a year and a half younger than hers, claimed themselves to be sisters. She further remembered them saying, “we’re sisters, so whatever you guys (want to do), we want to be sisters.” This happened on Burns and O’Connor’s third date.

Hence, Declan’s half-sisters left minimal choice for their parents, and at last, they got engaged in 2011. Moreover, they exchanged vows on 22 June 2013 and are happily married ever since.

Since their marriage, the blended family is enjoying their time together. And as the youngest of the bunch, Declan Welles O’Connor is loved and pampered by all.

Name Meaning- Declan

Declan is an Irish baby name that means a saint.

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