Meet Edward Roy McHale – Photos Of Joel McHale’s Son With Wife Sarah Williams

Joel McHale's son, Edward Roy McHaleEdward Roy McHale is Joel McHale's son with wife, Sarah Williams. Photo Source: Instagram/Pinterest.

Edward Roy McHale is Joel McHale‘s son with his lovely wife, Sarah Williams. He was born in January 2005. Adorable Edward is fortunate to have such loving and caring parents. Joel McHale, Edward’s dad, is an extraordinary American actor, comedian, writer, producer, and television host.

As we talk about Edward Roy, he is the eldest child and has a small brother, Isaac Hayden McHale. Edward is just three years older than Isaac, and the two brothers do get along with each other. Now, without wasting any time, let’s get straight down and know more about Edward Roy McHale.

Joel McHale’s Son, Eddie Underwent Open Heart Surgery

According to Heavy, Eddie underwent open-heart surgery when he was just two months old. The small boy was born with two large holes in his heart. It was just terrifying and horrific for the family to believe. However, Joel and his wife, Sarah, started dealing with it. And there was only one option but to proceed with the operation.

Edward Roy McHale's surgery
Joel McHale’s son, Eddie underwent open-heart surgery when he was just two months old. Image Source: Heavy/Instagram.

For other parents, it’s a tunnel that never ends, but Eddie’s surgery was a successful one, and he was doing so great. Joel and Sarah were probably in tears after hearing the good news about their son. Eddie’s will power may have also done some miracles and is now living the happiest days with his family.

In a nutshell, Eddie’s heart surgery was a success and contained the happiness and joys in the family with his presence. Thus, Eddie is fully enjoying a blissful life with his parents and brother.

Edward Roy Lives Comfortably With Family

Since Joel McHale’s net worth is estimated at $14 million, the McHale family is probably living a magnificent and luxurious life. Edward seems happy and is enjoying what he has been provided. Joel seems to be doing everything he can just to see a smile on his son’s face. Edward and his brother love to entertain his parents as well.

Joel McHale’s son, Eddie, is a dog-lover and has a pet dog. His mom, Sarah, loves posting his photos with dogs frequently on Instagram. Edward’s parents never miss wishing as well as surprising him on his birthdays. He loves his family and cannot even resist a day without them.


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Discussing Eddie’s future, no one is certain what he is aiming to become and what career he might choose in the coming years. But as a guess, he might tread his daddy’s footsteps and pursue a career in the showbiz industry. We hope whatever he goes on to become; he will make his parents proud.

Edward Roy McHale – Name Meaning

The name Edward derived from Old English means ‘rich guard.’ Similarly, the meaning of Roy is ‘king’ according to Anglo-Norman England.

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