Meet Elia Boon – Photos of Dany Boon’s Son with Wife Yael Boon and Facts

Elia Boon is the son of Dany Boon with wife Yael Boon

The French actor Dany Boon‘s son Elia Boon was born on the 20th of December, 2006. Dany had his son Elia with his wife Yael Boon or Yael Harris.

Elia is not the only one in the family; he has got an altogether of four siblings. The cute Elia is Dany Boon’s fourth son from his third wife.  Here are some of the facts about Dany Boon’s son Elia Boon.

Elia Boon Is Dany Boon’s Youngest Son

Elia has got three elder brothers. He has a brother named Eytan Boon and two elder half-brothers, Mehdi Boon, Dany’s son with his first wife and Noe Boon, Dany’s son with his second partner Judith Godreche. Along with that, he has also got a younger sister named Sarah Boon.

Dany Boon and his son Eila Boon
Elia Boon with his father Dany Boon and other members of his family.Image Source Pure People.

Sarah, Eytan, and Elia are Dany Boon’s children with his third wife, Yael Boon.

Elia Loves Spending Time With His Father

As stated earlier, the handsome Elia loves to spend time with his old man. Plus as Elia is the smallest amongst the four brothers, he shares a loving relationship with his father, Dany. This doesn’t mean that Dany only loves his little son, but he has got an excellent connection with every other child of his and adores each of them equally.

Dany Boon has a son named Eila Boon
Elia Boon loves spending time with his father Dany Boon. Image Source: Getty Images.

Elia Rocks His Looks With His Blonde Hair

We have to admit one thing though, amongst all the sons of Dany Boon, his youngest son Elia is the cutest. He has got a curly blonde hair and a fair complexion which matches him perfectly. And we bet his other elder siblings must also love him a lot.

Elia Boon, Dany Boon's son
Elia Boon looks adorable in his blonde curly hair. Photo Source: Getty Images.

Elia somewhat looks like his younger sister Sarah Boon. Elia Boon’s elder brother Eytan Boon loves watching football, and we wonder if Elia is also into football or not.

Elia Boon- Name Meaning

The name Elia falls under the category of Jewish and Biblical names. Elia means “My god is the lord.”

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