Meet Frances Harper Wyle – Photos Of Noah Wyle’s Daughter With Wife Sara Wells

Noah Wyle and His wife, Sara Wells

The Flying Skies actor, Noah Wyle’s daughter Frances Harper Wyle was born in 2015. According to his representatives, she was welcomed on Monday, June 22 with his current wife, Sara Wells. Frances Harper’s parents got married in 2014 and she is the couple’s first child together. As for Noah, he has already been a dad for two kids. Whatsoever, the couple was over the moon when they had Frances safely on their hand.

Frances has got two half-siblings named, Owen Strausser Wyle and Auden Wyle from her dad’s previous marriage to Tracey Warbin. Till date, Frances isn’t revealed in public. We suppose the family is trying to maintain the private life for their daughter to create a healthy environment.

Noah Wyle’s Daughter Frances Harper Is Yet To Appear In Public

Unlike other celebrities kids, Frances isn’t someone whom you often see in the public. She rarely has any photos dotted over media page. The couple has strictly prohibited to reveal their private life, especially about their little one. Probably, they don’t want their children to feel bad being under the regular observations from the paparazzi.

Noah Wyle and his current wife,Sara Wells
Noah Wyle and his current wife, Sara Wells had their first child, Frances Harper Wyle in 2015. Image Source-Getty Images.

The 47-year-old, Noah explained in an interview that he didn’t want his children to be filled with emotional baggage. Hence, Noah doesn’t let any chances to meet Frances in public eyes. He seems to take social media very seriously as it leads to a negative impression. However, regarding his professional life, he is amazingly taking every famous spot in film roles; he is best known for the TV Series, Falling Skies.

As of now, Frances is three years old and is presumably growing up beautiful and healthy.

Frances Harper Has Got Two Older Half-Siblings: Owen and Auden Wyle

As aforementioned, Owen and Auden are Noah Wyle’s children from his first marriage who are in mid-teens now. Even though they are quiet about their personal life, they seem to share a cordial relationship with their step-mom, Sara Wells. As for Frances, we are confident that she must be enjoying a great time with both of her half-siblings; after all, their parent’s separation didn’t seem to create a wall for them to meet their dad.

Noah Wyle's children; son Owen Strausser Wyle and a daughter Auden Wyle.
Noah Wyle along with his son Owen Strausser Wyle and a daughter Auden Wyle. Image Source-Pinterest.

Frances Harper Wyle: Name Meaning

Frances is the French and English given name. It means “Free One.”

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