Meet Glenn Frey And Cindy Millican’s Son Otis Frey

Glenn Frey And Cindy Millican's Son Otis FreyGlenn Frey together with his wife Cindy Millican has a son named Otis Frey. Image Source: Pinterest.

Glenn Frey and Cindy Millican were the proud parents of three children. Cindy Millican had her son Otis Frey together with her late husband, Glenn Frey. The ex-couple tied the wedding knot back in the year 1990 in a private ceremony with the participation of only close relatives and friends. The duo was together ever since until the death of Glenn in 2016.

Otis Frey has two siblings, including an elder brother named Deacon Frey and an elder sister Taylor Marie Frey. As of now, Cindy Millican, a dance choreographer, is a single mother of three kids.

Cindy Millican’s Son Is The Youngest In His Family

Glenn Frey and Cindy Millican’s son Otis Frey was born in the year 2003. Otis is the youngest member of his family. As mentioned before, he was born to his parents, Glenn Frey, who was a legendary singer-songwriter of the rock band The Eagles, and mother Cindy is a former dance choreographer. Also, he has two elder siblings, with his sister Taylor being the eldest.

Glenn Frey's son Otis Frey
Glenn Frey’s son Otis Frey was born in the year 2003. Image Source: Pinterest.

Looking at Frey’s family, the family has a strong bond with each other and will be together as always in each others’ thick and thin.

Prefers A Low Key Life

Late singer and the lead vocalist of rock band The Eagles, Glenn mostly had kept the information about his children private. However, no one can deny the fact that he, together with his wife, had cherished them deeply. But way before Otis Frey’s birth back in 1993, the singer had mentioned to The Chicago Tribune that he loved spending more time with his family, including Taylor, who was two and a half, and then-infant son Deacon.

Otis Frey's father Glenn Frey
Otis Frey’s father, Glenn Frey, passed away in the year 2016. Image Source: Getty Images.

Otis Frey’s sister Taylor is currently a program director and mentor at Individual U and has also acted in multiple performances, including a sketch comedy called The Dallas Spiders Club. On the other hand, his brother Deacon Frey sometimes joined his dad on stage during concerts and is following his late father’s footsteps all along.

Unfortunately, the late actor and singer didn’t much mention about his young son. Now that he has passed away, the information will still remain a mystery. Who knows Otis might follow his father’s footsteps on the days to come.

Father Passed Away In 2016

Death is the natural process, and no one can stop this. Otis Frey’s father, Glenn Frey, passed away on the 18th of January 2016 at the age of 67. The family, along with five members of the Eagles, released a statement about Frey’s death.


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The reason behind the singer’s death was complications from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Acute Ulcerative Colitis, and Pneumonia. Although Frey is no more with us, his melodious songs and lyrics will always be praised and remembered.

Name Meaning: Glenn Frey’s Son Otis Frey

Otis is a masculine name of English and German origin, meaning “wealthy, rich, or fortunate.

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