Meet Harper Grace Hammer – Photos Of Elizabeth Chambers’ Daughter With Armie Hammer

Elizabeth Chambers And Armie Hammer's daughterElizabeth Chamber And Armie Hammer Are Co-parenting Their Children Well. Image Source: Elizabeth Chamber's Instagram.

Elizabeth Chambers is a famous American television personality and entrepreneur. She is well-known for being a guest judge on the Food Network. Besides, she has also appeared in several movies, among which The Game Plan made her more popular. Elizabeth has accumulated enormous fame and wealth from various ventures that she has been involved in.

Elizabeth is one of the talented artists in television series. She is also famed as the founder of the Texas-based Bird bakery retail chain of stores. Apart from that, she is also a family person who loves to enjoy time with her children. She was previously engaged with a famous American actor, Armie Hammer. The ex-duo has two children, Harper Grace Hammer, and her little brother, Ford Douglas Armand Hammer.

Now, let’s learn more about Elizabeth Chambers’ child, Harper Grace Hammer, and her whereabouts.

Elizabeth Chambers’ Daughter Is Harper Grace Hammer

Harper Grace Hammer is the only child of famous TV personality Elizabeth Chambers and her ex-partner, Armie Hammer. The ex-pair welcomed their daughter, Harper, on December 1, 2014. The actress’s representative confirmed through a statement that both mother and baby were healthy. Moreover, the proud new parents were delighted to welcome their bundle of joy.

Chambers also uploaded a picture of their puppy wrapped in a blanket to show that Hammer is very excited for their first child and is practicing for the baby to be a perfect father. The ex-lovers had announced their pregnancy in June 2014. During an interview, Chambers expressed the happiness of adding one more member to the family and starting the new chapter of their lives.

The loving mother of Harper and Ford never fails to keep her little ones happy. She also celebrated her gorgeous daughter’s sixth birthday in the Cayman Islands. Unfortunately, Armie was not seen during the celebration.

Has A Fan Page

Harper Grace Hammer has a fan page on Instagram under the name of “lovingharperhammer.” The account has got 510 followers as of April 2021. The page usually uploads pictures and videos of the cute Harper Grace Hammer with her parents and little brother spending good times together. The little girl is surprisingly grabbing attention at such a young age. Elizabeth and Armie must be blessed to give birth to such an adorable daughter. There is no doubt that Elizabeth Chambers’ daughter will have millions of fans following in her official social media account when she will grow up.

Harper Grace Hammer Parent’s Are Divorced

Aforementioned, Elizabeth Chambers welcomed two children with her former husband in 2014 and 2017. The former couple had met for the first time in 2006 when Elizabeth was in a relationship with Armie’s friend. So the ex-lovers became friends for about two years. However, as the friendship grew, Elizabeth broke up and started dating Armie, as he had said her to do. The ex-pair exchanged vows on May 22, 2010.

However, the ex-lover, Elizabeth and Armie’s marriage, did not last long. Despite their decade-long conjugal life, the former Hammer-Chambers couple parted ways in 2020. The beautiful entrepreneur had filed for divorce, seeking primary physical custody and joint legal custody of their two kids. The talented television personality Elizabeth and her ex-husband announced that they are moving on from their marriage on July 11, 2020, through social media. They also promised to keep their children and relationship as co-parents at their utmost priority. However, Armie told the separation between him, and his adorable ex-wife is a serious seismic event with lots of changes.

Still, the separated pair seem to respect their feelings for each other. Chambers is seen wishing her loving ex-husband, Armie Happer, on his birthday. This clearly shows the love and care for each other despite Hammer-Chambers’ separation.

Elizabeth Chambers Pregnancy Days

Pregnancy days are an exciting and often joyous time in every woman’s life. During the first pregnancy days, Chambers didn’t have to suffer from morning sickness or much fatigue. However, the birth was not easy as the previous days. Harper’s mother had to go through eighteen hours of vomiting, dehydration, and stress. After Chambers did the epidural walking, she felt relaxed, and later Harper was born.

Elizabeth Chamber Is A Famous TV Host.
Elizabeth Chambers Welcomed Her First Child, Harper Grace Hammer, With Her Former Husband, Armie Hammer.
Image Source: Elizabeth Chambers’ Instagram.

Moreover, the entrepreneur Elizabeth’s pregnancy maternity style seems to be similar to her non-maternity style. She didn’t stop wearing heels or dresses that aren’t considered suitable to be worn during the pregnancy days. Moreover, she didn’t buy any dresses that were meant mainly to be worn during the pregnancy. Instead, she tried to find the pieces that she feels comfortable wearing. Armie Hammer also calls his ex-sweetheart, Elizabeth Chambers as a professional pregnant woman who doesn’t get tired and sick. Instead, she still exercises and enjoys her pregnancy time to her fullest.

At the time of Harper’s birth, Elizabeth was involved in two businesses. However, when she was with her family, she focused her mind entirely at home and did not let work stress distract her. Moreover, Chambers also considers her first daughter Harper as the perfect work and travel companion. The Bird Bakery Founder also feels for being over-prepared during her first pregnancy days. She had done a lot of labor coaching at that time. Elizabeth and her ex-husband, Armie Hammer, had attended private hypnobirthing classes with a local specialist before the birth of Harper. Nevertheless, Elizabeth Chambers still recalls the time when she used to consider her first pregnancy days as a dream.

Elizabeth Chambers’ Daughter, Harper Grace Hammer, Has A Younger Brother

The newest addition in the family came in the form of Ford Douglas Armand Hammer. Born on January 15, 2017, Ford is the youngest member of the family. Elizabeth Chambers’ daughter Harper, became the elder sister after three years of her birth. Armie and his ex-partner, Elizabeth, had announced their pregnancy during Armie’s film Free Fire at the Toronto International Film Festival. Hammer had also uploaded a photo with his ex-wife where he was cradling the blessed baby bump.

Elizabeth Chamber Has Two Kids.
Harper Grace Hammer’s Younger Brother Is Cute.
Image Source: Elizabeth Chambers’ Instagram.

Elizabeth Chambers’ son, Ford Douglas Armand Hammer, loves to play with his big sister. He can often be spotted enjoying with his parents and sister in their social media handles. Furthermore, both the Elizabeth Chambers’ children are enjoying their childhood to their best. Despite having busy schedules and the separation, Armie and Elizabeth separate enough time to take care of their babies.

Currently, the children are enjoying their life in the Cayman Islands with their doting mother, Elizabeth Chambers. The Hammer-Chambers kids have been enrolled at the same school where Hammer studied during his early age in the Cayman Islands. According to People, The little ones are still living there to attend school and live an everyday life away from Los Angeles’s life during the Coronavirus pandemic.

We can all hope to see the Hammer-Chambers kids living a happy life with their parents together soon.

Name Meaning: Harper Grace Hammer

The English origin name Harper means harp player. Similarly, the middle name Grace is of Latin origin, which means god’s grace.

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