Meet Ibrahim Chappelle – 5 Facts About Dave Chappelle’s Son

Dave Chappelle's son Ibrahim ChappelleDave Chappelle's son Ibrahim Chappelle rarely appears out in public. Image Source: Social Media.

Making people laugh is a talent that people acquire very rarely as their taste of jokes is diverse. But the one who finds humor in any situation, that’s weird and plausible at the same time. Such a brilliant mind is the one and only Dave Chappelle. The Grammy Award winner started his journey since he was 14 and has been serving comedy in diverse topics.

Furthermore, Dave is undoubtedly a good comedian, but he is a better dad as well. Married to long-time partner, Elaine Mendoza Erfe in 2001, the couple welcomed three children together. Chappelle knows his blessings and embraces them very much. Thus, today, we shall be following one of his blessings, Chappelle’s son, Ibrahim Chappelle.

Dave Chappelle’s Son Ibrahim, Second Child In The Family

Aforementioned, Dave Chappelle is married to his wife, Elaine Chappelle, since 2001. Since their marriage, the love-birds welcomed three children together, and Chappelle’s kid, Ibrahim Chappelle, is their second child.

Dave Chappelle's son Ibrahim Chappelle
Dave Chappelle’s son Ibrahim Chappelle is the second in the family. Image Source: Flickr.

Dave, being a very famous television personality, likes to keep his personal lives away from the camera whatsoever. Thus, we do not know when and where Ibrahim was born, but he was seen hanging out with his dad and elder brother, Sulayman, with skateboards occasionally. Likewise, he also has a young sister, Sanaa Chappelle. Compared to Ibrahim and his brother, Sulayman, his sister, Sanaa aka Sonal Chappelle, appears more in events with their dad.

Although there is not much about Dave Chappelle’s son, Ibrahim, we can still know that he’s having a great childhood and is learning to be humble. As he is not present in any form of social media, let’s hope to see Ibrahim exceeding his father shortly.

Shares A Very Good Bond With Parents

As stated above, Dave is a protective dad. Because he is a comedian and is probably in controversies because of his humor, he likes to keep his family life grounded. However, Dave prioritizes his family greatly and cares about their well being.

Dave appreciates his family and never forgets moments he had with his son, for instance, a conversation while doing a show where he told his son that the crowd would never break him. In an interview, he further revealed that having children made him take his profession more seriously and kept him grounded.

So, we can feel the chemistry between Dave and his son. Although Ibrahim’s mother, Elaine shy away from the media, she too shares a special bond with her son. Well, for a growing young man like Ibrahim, a good connection with his parents and siblings is all that matters.

Ibrahim Chappelle’s Brother Is Into Boxing

According to TMZ, Ibrahim Chappelle’s older brother, Sulayman Chappelle, was learning to box at the Pacquiao camp in 2015. Grammy Award winner, Dave keeps his family out of media’s approach, but when TMZ extended their mic on him, he cleared that his oldest son might as well go pro.

Dave added that it was about letting kids explore their interests and nurturing them. Moreover, people in the gym talked about Dave’s son being good and is no joke. Well, time will tell if we will be witnessing Ibrahim’s brother in the arena or holding the mic on stage. Similar uncertainty is with Ibrahim’s career as well.

Let’s hope both the Chappelle’s sons make their legacy in the coming days.

Ibrahim Chappelle’s Father, Dave Changed His Religion

Dave Chappelle’s son Ibrahim Chappelle is a brilliant child, and more importantly, he shares his beliefs with his multi-racial parents. His father, Dave, converted to Islam in 1998 while his mother is a petite Filipino.

Although Dave wanted his wife to convert, Elaine refused, and he respected her decision. Thus, Ibrahim is growing up sharing his parents’ beliefs and could heavily be influenced by Islam. Nonetheless, Ibrahim Chappelle’s father seems to be supportive regardless of their choices.

So, we might have to wait what’s Dave Chappelle’s son, Ibrahim’s life will be like in a couple of years.

Ibrahim Chappelle’s Grandfathers Were Slave

Americans are roaring on the streets of the United States, asking for justice and equality. The inequality prevailed from generations, and Ibrahim Chappelle’s father witnessed it first hand.

Because the recent George Floyd incident fueled people with anger, a few approached Dave for his reaction and reaction he served, PURE & RAW.


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He knew what it’s like because it was his roots. Dave Chappelle’s great grandfather, Bishop William D. Chappelle, was born enslaved but served as bishop and president of Allen University.

Likewise, his grand-uncle W.D. Chappelle, Jr., was a physician and surgeon who opened the People’s Infirmary around 1915 in South Carolina. It was the time when segregation prevented many African Americans from having access to healthcare.

Furthermore, in the show, he talked about growing up in the songs that Black Americans have been singing for centuries and roaring for years. Likewise, he also spoke about how he heard his father called on his grandmother on his deathbed, who was enslaved, all while relating it to the George Floyd incident. 

Well, it’s heavy, and Chappelle’s frustration was visible. But Ibrahim’s father managed to find solace in comedy and became one of the best. Likewise, he found his way to enlighten people of critical matters lightly.

Let’s hope Dave Chappelle’s son, Ibrahim soaks the seriousness of the matter and becomes a thoughtful human being.

Name Meaning – Ibrahim Chappelle

Ibrahim originated from Arabic, which means the father of nations. Furthermore, in the Quran, Ibrahim is one of Allah’s messengers.

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