Meet Isan Elba – Photos Of Idris Elba’s Daughter With Ex-Wife Hanne Norgaard

Idris Elba's daughter Isan Elba

The Dark Tower star, Idris Elba‘s daughter Isan Elba was born in 2002. She is the first child and only daughter of Idris with his ex-wife Hanne “Kim” Norgaard.

The gorgeous Isan also has a younger half-brother named Winston Elba who was born in 2014.

Isan Elba Was An Ambassador Of Golden Globe 2019

People know Idris as the sexiest man alive of 2018. Now his daughter Isan Elba is already making a room as a rising star in the family. Isan Elba was appointed as 2019 Golden Globe Ambassador. At such young age of 17, to be honored with such title is a great thing to celebrate and praise for.

Idris Elba's daughter Isan Elba
Isan Elba as an ambassador of 2019 Golden Globe. Image Source-Getty Images

Isan admitted that she had no idea that her parents submitted her name for consideration. It seems like her dad helped her with this great achievement. Growing up with a famous father, she had some knowledge of how a film set works and she originally wanted to be an actress. Before she could take any step further, she set her profile into Hollywood not as an actor but as an Ambassador.

Idris Ebla’s daughter Isan still has lots of opportunities ahead in her future. We hope that she would definitely make her place into Hollywood as an actress. That dream isn’t far from her destination.

Isan Elba And Her Mother Hanne Norgaard

Though Isan has been noticed often with her father. She resides with her mother Kim in Atlanta, Georgia. Isan has wished her mother a Happy Mother’s day and for all beautiful mothers out there. Isan and her mother share a close relationship.


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Isan Wants To Set Her Career On Many Field

Undoubtedly, Idris Elba’s daughter is an intelligent person. Even though, she has already set her sight on Hollywood, she isn’t planning to stick to one job Since her father is a director, DJ and an actor, she is planning to be in all these place. She has some sort of changed her mind.

Even though, Idris Elba is the most desired man in the whole world, his daughter isn’t thrilled to have such a cool dad by her side.

Isan Elba: Name Meaning

Isan is an Indian name originated from Sanskrit. It means the ‘Bestower of riches.’

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