Jenna Fischer’s Son Weston Lee Kirk Is Slowly Growing up, What Are His Hobbies And Likings?

Jenna Fischer's son Weston Lee Kirk.Jenna and Lee have been married for a decade with two children. Image Source: Instagram/msjennafischer.

Jenna Fischer is an American actress famous for playing the role of Pam Beesly on NBC’s The Office. She also was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series in 2007 for the same role. Not only that, but Jenna also produced the final season of the show.

Jenna’s professional life has been her main highlight, while her personal life has always been kind of overshadowed. She is married to her husband, Lee Kirk, who is a screenwriter, director, and actor. The couple is parents to two wonderful children, but in this article, we will be looking into Jenna Fischer’s son Weston Lee Kirk.

First-born Child Of Jenna Fischer

Born on Sept. 24, 2011, Weston Lee Kirk is the first child of actress Jenna Fischer. Even though she was married to screenwriter James Gunn for almost a decade, the couple did not give birth to any children. Jenna’s pregnancy coincided with her second pregnancy on the show. While Weston made it into this world, the whole family was ready to welcome the new member.

Even with a tight schedule, Jenna and Lee have managed to raise their kid pretty well. During her pregnancy, Jenna revealed that she really wanted a baby after becoming an aunt. Now she is a mother; she must be overwhelmed by the amount of love she is getting from her children. Weston has definitely sparked a lot of joy in her life.

Jenna Fischer’s Son Weston Has A Younger Sister

Jenna Fischer’s son Weston is not her only child. Lee and Jenna gave birth to their second child Harper Marie Kirk in 2016, while Weston was only two years old. According to Jenna, Weston was really eager to meet his baby sister during Jenna’s pregnancy. Now, the two siblings are really close to each other and must spend some quality time with each other. Even though they are the children of one of the most popular characters from the TV series The Office, they are pretty far from the media.

Jenna Fischer's son Weston Lee Kirk
Weston is Jenna’s first child. Image Source: Instagram/msjennafischer.

At this point, the kids must be really close to each other and spend a lot of time together. We, as fans, cannot wait to see how these children grow up to become. It’s all speculation whether Weston and Harper will follow in their parent’s footsteps or not.

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Away From Public Appearances

As we mentioned earlier, Jenna Fischer’s son Weston Lee Kirk rarely appears in public. The couple is famous for one of the biggest TV shows till day but somehow has managed to keep their children out of the limelight. As Weston does not appear in public and his parents, rarely reveal anything about him, it’s pretty hard to know what are his hobbies and likings. We can always speculate that he may be into acting, but we can not really say anything for certain.


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Let’s hope we get to hear more from this celebrity kid in the coming days. As he comes of age, we will likely know more about him from himself or his popular parents. Till then, let’s hold our horses and be patient.

Name Meaning: Weston Lee Kirk

Weston is a name of Old English origin which means ‘western town.’ Lee is a name from a placename derived from Old English ‘Leah’ which means ‘clearing; meadow.’

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