Walter McKenzie Wilson, 5 Facts About Rainn Wilson’s Son

Rainn Wilson's son, Walter McKenzie WilsonRainn Wilson's son, Walter McKenzie Wilson is growing up in a loving family. Image Source: Holiday's Instagram.

Rainn Wilson is an actor, writer, and producer best known for the NBA sitcom, The Office. The extraordinary actor received three consecutive Emmy for his role as Dwight Schrute and has appeared in several movies like Cooties, The Boy, etc. as a supporting role. Well, if we had to continue about the invincible Wilson and his achievements, words would sulk.

However, we are about to tail Rainn Wilson’s son, Walter McKenzie Wilson. The Six Feet Under actor, Rainn welcomed his son, Walter with his wife, Holiday Reinhorn. Therefore, here’re a few facts about Rainn Wilson’s baby boy, Walter McKenzie.

Only Child In The Family

Aforementioned, Rainn Wilson is regarded as one of the successful actors/writers in the entertainment industry. Besides being a successful actor, he welcomed a happy child, Walter McKenzie Wilson with partner Holiday Reinhorn in 2004.

The 16 y/o at the time, Walter McKenzie has lived most of his life away from the media scrutiny. Therefore, there isn’t much of his whereabouts on the Internet. However, he appeared in a few interviews. Moreover, being the only child in the family, Wilson’s son must have had a beautiful childhood.

Furthermore, it might even be a little lonely but having fun parents comes in handy.

Rainn Wilson’s Son Appeared on Late Night Show in 2007

Well, fame is often intoxicating and leads to several awkward headlines like Rainn Wilson’s kid having speech troubles. He had appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and shared an awkward story of the 2 and a half y/o son at the time.

Rainn revealed that Walter is a ‘handsome little tyke.’ He further told that he’s a little worried about Walter as he seems a little weird. Furthermore, he further revealed his concern about Walter’s language and his difficulty with communication with Peter O’Toole during the Super Bowl.


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Besides claiming himself as a ‘big boy’ against sylvan historian, Walter made headlines because of his ‘poop-denial’ phase. The father of 2 1/2 Walter at the time, Rainn talked about Walter’s potty training. He further continued how Walter would deny pooping with his ‘poop face’ on. Cute-o-meter extended? Well, People must’ve felt that way.

Living A Private Life

Fame is convenient and often tiring. Therefore, The Office star, Rainn Wilson’s son, Walter McKenzie stays away from media scrutiny. Moreover, he is not present in any form of social media and rarely appears on his father’s social media.

However, Walter often appears on his mother, Holiday Reinhorn’s Instagram. Moreover, Rainn often shares his congratulatory posts on Walter’s birthdays.

Back in 2010, Rainn wished Walter on his 6th birthday as he joked about him getting lice on a special day. Besides having highly successful parents and slightly embarrassing posts and interviews every now and then, Walter McKenzie Wilson’s parents are massively in love with one another.

Walter McKenzie’s Parents Were Highschool Sweethearts

Aforementioned, Walter McKenzie’s parents are a madly in love couple. Rainn Wilson and Holiday Reinhorn were highschool sweethearts. The pair had met in an acting class at the University of Washington in the mid-80s. The Wilson couple began their relationship a few years later and eventually tied knot on June 30, 1995, on Washington’s Kamala River.

Rainn Wilson's son, Walter McKenzie Wilson
Rainn and Holiday have been together since the late 80s and married since 1995. Image Source: Rainn’s Instagram.

Rainn and Holiday have been together since the 80s and they are walking in their 20+ years of marriage and still appreciate each other’s presence in life. Moreover, Rainn makes a lot of anniversary posts showing their marriage. Rainn praises her radiant, and her writing skills.

Despite being married for several years, the Wilson duo welcomed only a child together and he is continuing to grow into a beautiful man. Therefore, let’s hope to hear more of the blooming child of Rainn and Holiday Wilson, Walter McKenzie Wilson in the coming days.

Name Meaning – Walter McKenzie

The name Walter means army ruler and has a German origin. Moreover, McKenzie is of Scottish origin which means ‘born of fire.’

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