Meet Joe Gatto’s Kids Milana Francine Gatto And Remington Joseph Gatto

Joe Gatto's Kids Milana Francine Gatto And Remington Joseph GattoJoe Gatto is a proud father of two Kids named Milana Francine Gatto And Remington Joseph Gatto. image Source: Instagram/Joe Gatto

Stand-up comedian Joe Gatto is a proud father of two children. He had his two children together with his lovely wife Bessy Gatto. Joe Gatto’s kids include a daughter named Milana Francine Gatto and a son Remington aka Remington Joseph Gatto.

Milana and Remington’s parents tied the wedding knot on the 2nd of September 2013. The absolutely gorgeous and made for each other couple are together ever since.

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Promotes Healthy Growth And Development Of Children

After 2 years of their marriage, the adorable pair welcomed their daughter Milana Gatto in 2015. Then again two years later in 2017, they welcomed their second child, a son and named him Remington Joseph Gatto.

Joe Gatto's children Milana Francine Gatto And Remington Joseph Gatto
Joe Gatto together with his wife shares two children together named Milana Francine Gatto and Remington Joseph Gatto. Image Source: Instagram/Bessy Gatto.

There is no denying that Joe together with his wife totally supports Milana and Remington’s healthy growth and development. The kids are even forbidden to have icecream and sweets except on holidays. As of now, the children are quite small and are in their early school. Who knows what the future beholds, and Joe Gatto’s children might follow their father’s footsteps in the days to come.

Milana and Remington’s Pictures Are All over Their Parents’ Instagram Handle

Joe Gatto really seems to adore sharing his children’s pictures and short videos on his Instagram account. Not only that, but his wife too shares Milana and Remington’s pictures on her social media handle as well. The sweet family of four seems to enjoy holidays including Christmas and Halloween.

The parents are a pet lover and seem to adore dogs a lot. Joe even teaches his two children to love and take care of animals and supports the healthy mantra of adopting pets rather than buying it expensively. They are happily living with their children and lovely pet dogs.


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Above all, Bessy and Joe Gatto are caring and supportive parents; and bountiful human beings. We must say that Remington and Milana are very lucky kids.

Is A Father Of Two, A Son, And A Daughter

Joseph aka Joe Gatto’s son Remington aka Remy Joseph Gatto was born on the 1st of August 2017 and his daughter Milana Francine Gatto was born on the 7th of May 2015.

Joe Gatto's family, wife and children
Milana Francine Gatto and Remington Joseph Gatto love spending time with their parents during holidays and weekends. Image Source: Instagram/Joe Gatto.

Besides being a wonderful family man in his personal life and a comedian in professional life, Joe also spares some time for his social media handles. As a matter of fact, he has a Twitter account with a million followers. The fantastic comedian refers himself as a practical human and is certainly happy and satisfied with his life.

Joe Gatto’s Kids: Name Meaning

Milana Francine Gatto: Milana is a feminine name of Czech and Greek origin providing the meaning of “gracious, favored.” Whereas Francine is a universal name of Latin origin meaning “free one or From France.”

Remington Joseph Gatto: Remington is a masculine name of Old English origin meaning “raven, tun, or settlement.” Also, Joseph is a male name but of Hebrew origin providing the meaning of “he will add.

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