Meet JoAnn Ferro – Photo Of Carl Ferro’s Daughter

Carl Ferro daughter, JoAnn FerroCarl Ferro with his daughter, Joann Ferro. Image Source: Carl Ferro Instagram

Carl Ferro is an American businessman, former trainer, and nutrition counselor. He is the president and co-founder of Sunfare, a diet-focused meal delivery service and Generous Hearts, a non-profit organization which provides medical exam, dinner, and other donation items for homeless people in the streets of downtown, Los Angeles.

Ferro is also the former husband of actress and model Angie Everhart. The former pair got married in 2014 but have already separated. He is also proud of a daughter, JoAnn Ferro, from his previous relationship. Today, let’s take a look at how Carl Ferro’s daughter, JoAnn Ferro, is growing up.

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JoAnn Ferro, Carl Ferro’s Daughter Is In Her Mid Teens

JoAnn Ferro is the only daughter of Carl Ferro, and she was born in Feb 2006. While the exact date of her birth is unknown, Carl never forgets to wish his beautiful daughter, JoAnn, a happy birthday on his social media. The American businessman loves and is proud of his daughter.


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Carl Ferro’s kid is now a teenager and is enjoying her life traveling and spending time with her friends. She has an Instagram account though she rarely active on the site. Her father usually posts photos of them going on vacations and enjoying healthy meals together, so there is no doubt that JoAnn is living her best life.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, JoAnn’s father Carl’s net worth is $10 million. Being the daughter of a multimillionaire father, JoAnn might be having a great childhood, full of luxuries and desires fulfilled within the snap of her finger.

Is A Volleyball Player

The athletic gene runs in the Ferro family. Well, JoAnn’s father is a former trainer, and now she’s a volleyball player for City Volleyball Club. Though she hasn’t posted about her games and matches on her Instagram handle, JoAnn’s father, Carl Ferro, proudly shares pictures and videos of her game highlights on his handle.

Looking at that post, it seemed that Carl Ferro’s daughter might be a hardworking athlete and as physically fit as her father. She may or may not follow her father’s footstep in business, but she definitely a daddy’s girl in terms of athletism.

Being a former trainer, Carl might train his daughter and teach her the ins and outs of volleyball or the physicality of being a great athlete and being in good physical shape. JoAnn might also follow a dietary regime because her father, after all, Carl Ferro, is a nutrition counselor and runs a diet-focused meal delivery service.

JoAnn Ferro’s Father Carl Ferro Is Now In A Relationship

Well, as we already know, JoAnn’s dad Ferro is a businessman as well as a family man. He frequently posts pictures of his family on his Instagram. And looking at all those family pictures posted by Carl, it seems like he has moved on after his failed marriage to Angie Everhart and is in a relationship with the beautiful Tracy Lynn Siler.

Peering through Carl’s Instagram, we can easily assume that he loves his family. And it seems that they enjoy their Sunday and other holidays like the 4th of July with great adventures on various sites and healthy food together.

Has Stepsiblings

Carl Ferro’s daughter, JoAnn Ferro, has a step-brother named Kayden Bobby Everhart, born on 24th July 2009. Kayden is the son of her father’s ex-wife, Angie Everhart, from her previous relationship with Chad Stansbury. JoAnn and Kayden might share a loving bond as the step-siblings grew up together.

JoAnn Ferr’s father got married to Angie on 6th December 2014, and she was a flower girl while her step-brother, Kayden, served as a ring-bearer. Though Ferro and Everhart are no more together, their kids, JoAnn and Kayden, are still close to each other.

Carl Ferro daughter, JoAnn Ferro
Carl Ferro is a girl dad. Image Source: Instagram/ Carl Ferro.

Lately, JoAnn’s father, Carl, is dating Tracy Lynn Siler. And he often shares pictures of his girlfriend and other family members which also includes a girl named Ellie Grace. It seems like she is the daughter of Carl’s girlfriend, Tracy Lynn, which makes her JoAnn’s new step-sister. We hope they have a great bonding as sisters.

JoAnn’s Biological Mother Is Still A Secret

While we know about Carl Ferro and his romantic relationships, we hardly know anything about his daughter, JoAnn Ferro’s mother. She might be a social media ghost or doesn’t want to be known by the media. Even though she stays away from the internet world, she might spend some quality time with her daughter, JoAnn, in private.

We hope Carl Ferro’s baby mama is enjoying her life away from the public eyes and who knows, she might reveal her identity shortly.

Name Meaning: JoAnn Ferro

JoAnn is the common name given for women, the feminine form of John. It is derived from the Latin name, Johanna which means “God is gracious” in Hebrew.

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