Take A Look At How John Berman’s Children Are Growing Up

John Berman's children, Teddy Berman and Joseph BermanJohn Berman fathers twin sons, with his wife, Kerry Voss. Image Source: Instagram/ John Berman.

The current co-anchor of CNN”s New Day, John Berman, is a dedicated family man with a supportive wife named Kerry Voss and two children. While Berman is finding more success in his career as a journalist, his wife and children usually stay far from the spotlight. They neither appear much in Berman’s social media pictures nor accompanies him in public events.

However, the doting dad, John Berman, has sometimes talked about his kids in his past interviews. So, here, let’s get a closer look at John Berman’s children, Teddy Berman and Joseph Berman. Also, please find out how they are growing up.

John Berman’s Children With Kerry Voss

The American journalist John Berman has twin sons with his long-time wife, Kerry Voss. The lovely married couple, John and Kerry, reportedly welcomed their sons, Teddy Berman and Joseph Berman, some years after their marriage.


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As mentioned in various interviews by the parents of two, John and Kerry, they met while enrolled in Harvard University in the mid-1990s. They fell for each other after a couple of meetings and started living together. Later, the pair tied their marital knot after the completion of the 2000 presidential election on 20th July 2001. Their two youngsters, Teddy and Joseph, joined the family after some years.

Unfortunately, the details on the current teenage sons of John Berman, Teddy, and Joseph’s childhood years are not available for the public. But, being kids of a successful media personality, their childhood years must have been full of fun and adequate support from their parents.

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Berman’s Children Are Fond Of Baseball And Fishing

Most of the people who are keeping track of John Berman’s professional life might be well-known to the fact that he is a great Boston Red Sox fan. But he is not the only person who is fond of baseball in the family. Both of John Berman’s sons, Teddy and Joseph, are also diehard fans of the Boston Red Sox. Moreover, they are also good baseball and soccer players.

Besides, the talented sons of John Berman also enjoy doing creative activities. In 2017, they made a colorful band for their father before he headed to Florida to cover Hurricane Irma. Also, the proud father, Jack Berman, often shares snaps of his creative kids’ other works of art on his Instagram page.

John Berman's children, Teddy Berman and Joseph Berman
John Berman’s sons are fond of fishing with their dad. Image Source: Instagram/ John Berman.

Furthermore, Joh Berman’s children, Teddy and Joseph, love going outings with their dad on their vacations. Most of the time, the father-sons duo goes fishing at their nearest locations during their free time. Other times, the Berman boys go hiking and do other outdoor activities, which helps them know about each other and strengthen their relationship.

Stays Far From The Media

John Berman is overly concerned about his children’s privacy. So, he hardly shares pictures of them on his social media pages and takes them on public events. If he shares any photo of his boys also, he always makes sure he hides their faces or uploads pictures showing only their back.

Moreover, while most teenagers worldwide who have internet access have social media accounts, John Berman’s children do not seem to be available on any of them. But maybe they are under a different alias; who knows.

So, for now, John Berman’s children stay away from the reach of media. They are growing up like any other kids of ordinary parents and enjoying their everyday life far from the unnecessary dramas. But, we hope we will get to learn more about them in the upcoming days.

Name Meaning: Teddy Berman, Joseph Berman

The boy’s name Teddy is of an Old English origin, which means ‘wealthy protector.’

Similarly, the name Joseph is of Hebrew origin, which means ‘He will add.’

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