Meet Kama Hagar – Photos Of Sammy Hagar’s Daughter With Wife Kari Karte

Sammy Hagar's daughter, Kama HagarKama Hagar is Sammy Hagar's daughter with wife Kari Karte. Image Source: kamahagar/Instagram.

Born in April 1996, gorgeous Kama Hagar is Sammy Hagar‘s daughter with wife, Kari Karte. She is the eldest daughter of the married couple. Kama Hagar has a younger sister named Samantha Hagar, who was born in March 2001. Kama Hagar’s dad, Sammy Hagar, is one of the greatest American rock vocalists, songwriters, and is associated with rock bands like Montrose, Van Halen, and Chickenfoot.

Well, Kama Hagar also has two half-brothers; Aaron Hagar and Andrew Hagar. They are Sammy Hagar’s sons from his previous marriage with Betsy Berardi. Only this much information may not be a helpful one, so let’s get straight down to know more about Kama Hagar.

Kama Hagar Is The Creator Of Mukama Botanica

As the title gives it away, Sammy Hagar’s daughter, Kama Hagar is Mukama Botanica‘s founder and creator. Mukama Botanica helps to sustain skincare inspired by healing Hawaiian botanicals. Well, the products are very much organic, natural, recycled, and handmade. The product sales seem to be profiting in Kama Hagar’s net worth and earnings. Some of the products with its prices are listed below:

  • High Vibe Face Mist ($55.00)
  • Organic Bamboo Face Pads – 10 Pack ($29.00)
  • Skin Superfood Serum ($99.00)

She is also a yoga teacher and meditation lover. Kama likes to do wellness guide in selfless self-care and spirituality a little unconventionally and uses the meditation lingo to communicate. Not only that but also she publishes blogs about her daily routine and personal sessions.

Comparably, Sammy Hagar’s daughter also has two YouTube channels, ‘Meditation with Kama‘ and ‘Kama Hagar.’ Although she has a few subscribers, Kama is always there to be your guide, teacher, and friend on your journey for good health and happiness via YouTube.

Therefore, Kama’s dad must be very proud of her because she has done a remarkable job to rocket her career. Kama Hagar will probably spread her meditation tricks in the whole world someday.

What’s Kama Hagar’s Love-Life Situation?

Going through Kama Hagar’s Instagram Profile, she is in love with her boyfriend, Nick La Maina. She and her better half are enjoying every second of their love. The love birds are genuinely in love with one another. They like to enjoy quality times, going to exciting places such as Hawaii and Cabos San Lucas.


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It’s like they were meant to be lovers. She often posts photos with her sweetheart, and they seem to be enormously happy with what they have at the moment. Kama Hagar’s boyfriend Nick and she herself loves going out on romantic dates, festivals, beaches, and whatnot. Their love chemistry shows what a happy couple looks like.

Kama’s parents are also very happy for her. Sammy Hagar even comments on Kama’s posts that are related to her love and relationships. Perhaps, we get to see Kama’s wedding with her one and only, Nick.

Hagar Sisters Love Hanging Out With One Another

Kama and her younger sister, Samantha, are not only siblings but also best friends to each other. The sisterly duo loves having fun and doing weird things all the time. They insanely bring out the joy in the family. Samantha is also close to Kama’s boyfriend, Nick La Maina.

Kama Hagar's sister, Samantha Hagar
Kama Hagar and Samantha Hagar are the best buddies. Image Source: kamahagar/Instagram

Similarly, Sammy Hagar’s daughter, Kama, has a strong bond of love with her two half-brothers. Her friendly personality has seemingly made tha family smiling and glowing.

Kama Hagar – Name Meaning

The word, Kama, refers to the ‘desire, wish, or longing,’ and it arose from Hindu origin.

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