Kieran Culkin’s Children Kinsey Sioux And Wilder Wolf – Growing Away From The Spotlight

Kieran Culkin's ChildrenThe Succession star baby girl was born in the during full moon on Friday. Image Source: Jazz Charton Instagram. Image Source: Social media.

Born Kieran Kyle Culkin, Kieran Culkin shot up to fame after starring in the HBO series, Succession. The New York native is widely known for his work in Home Alone, The Mighty, The Cider House Rules, and Igby Goes Down.

Aside from his flourishing career, the actor leads a picture-perfect family, including his wife of nine years Jazz Charton, and two angelic kids, Kinsey Sioux and Wilder Wolf. In today’s article let’s get to know some exciting news about Kieran Culkin’s children.

Kinsey Sioux Was Born After 25 Hours Of Labour

Kieran Culkin’s daughter, Kinsey Sioux was born during the full moon on Friday, 13 September 2019, as the first baby in her family. Her mom and dad lovingly refer to her as Zissou. The lovely girl often appears on her parent’s social media feeds.

Kieran Culkin's Children
The Succession star baby girl was born in during full moon on Friday. Image Source: Jazz Charton Instagram.

Four days after Zissou was born, her mother shared that she had twenty-five hours of labor at home. When the actor’s spouse arrived at the hospital it was too late for any pain medicines as she was already dilated and ready to push. Furthermore, her mom also said if she ever decided to have another kid, she would want all the meds. It must have been hard for Jazz but she said had never felt more complete. So, it was all worth it

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Wilder Wolf Didn’t Get His Name For Seven Weeks

Wilder Wolf is Jazz Charton and Kieran Culkin’s son. He was born on 17 August 2021 as the second baby to his parents. But he didn’t get his name until he was seven weeks old. His parents struggled to come up with an agreement. According to the Succession star, they didn’t check the baby’s gender which made things harder. However, the struggle is worth it as the little guy got a unique and meaningful name

As the youngest baby, Wilder Wolf must be pampered by everyone, including her elder sibling. The brother and sister were born only two years apart. So, they appear to have a close bond. In addition, they spend a lot of time playing together.

Kieran Culkin’s Children Are Growing Away From The Spotlight

Kieran Culkin and his wife are devoted to their family. They spend a lot of quality time with Wilder Wolf and Zissou. For instance, the lovely family occasionally goes on picnics and visits amusement parks and the ocean.

Jazz often shares how exhausting her life is with her kids around. But, her love and devotion to them are evident in her social media pictures. She actively uploads photos of her babies and husband and keeps her followers up-to-date regarding her personal life. However, the doting mother shares photos without revealing the faces of the precious babies.

Altogether, Kieran Culkin’s children are growing up having a blast. Wilder Wolf and Kinsey Sioux are lucky to have such devoted parents. Let’s hope they will grow up and achieve great success in their life. We wish them good health and a happy childhood.

Name Meaning

Kinsey is a name of British origin that means King’s victory. Likewise, Sioux is a short form of Nadowessioux, meaning Little snakes.

On the other hand, the English and German name Wilder means untamed or wild. Wolf is of German origin, which means a man of courage. Whereas the wolf symbolizes a strong connection with one’s instincts or intuition.

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