Jazz Charton – 7 Interesting Facts About Kieran Culkin’s Wife

Kieran Culkin's Wife, Jazz ChartonKieran Culkin and his wife, Jazz Charton have been married since 2013. Image Source: Jazz Charton Instagram.

Kieran Culkin hails from a family of actors. His father, Kit Culkin, and his brother Macaulay Culkin are prominent figures in the film industry. Although the New York native began his career as a child actor, he gained worldwide recognition only after starring in the HBO series Succession.

Regarding his personal life, the Igby Goes Down actor shares a content conjugal life with Jazz Charton. Keep reading and get to know some exciting facts about Kieran Culkin’s wife.

Is A London Native

Jazz was born in May 1988 in London to her parents. She grew up in her birthplace and must have had a wonderful time as a little girl. Furthermore, Jazz Charton’s mom is a former model and is a London-based contemporary artist. However, not much is known about her dad, but she did post a picture with him and other family members once.

Regarding her educational background, Jazz has not shared much about it.  On the other hand, her husband graduated from the School of American Ballet (SAB). Nonetheless, hopefully, she will reveal about her personal details in the coming days.

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Internet Described Her As A Former Model

Have you seen the actor’s beautiful wife? You might fall for her instantly. With her bright smile, angelic face matched perfectly with black hair and perfect body, she stands away from the crowd. Anyone might mistake her for some model or actress.

And it did really happen. Internet once described Kieran Culkin’s wife as a former model and foley artist. She even has her IMDb page. However, it was until Kieran cleared the misunderstanding and said she is neither a former model nor a foley artist.

Worked At An Ad Agency

After denying the rumor of Charton being a former model and foley artist, the Succession star revealed that she used to work at the music department of an ad agency back in 2012. As the actor’s partner is already at a whole different chapter of her life, she doesn’t seem to be working at the ad agency.

Talking about her current profession, the beautiful lady has not shared much. But, it looks like she is a devoted housewife who is focusing on family and raising kids. Nevertheless, she appears to be enjoying her time with her loved one to the fullest.

First Met Her Husband At A Bar

Kieran and Jazz first met at a bar in New York Watering Hole in 2012. Back then, without any hesitation, the actor introduced himself to Charton and asked her name. When she said her name, the famous star joked and said J-A-Z-Z, like the music? He even said her name was stupid. But the conversation made the London native laugh.

In one instance, The Mighty actor fell for the most beautiful girl (Jazz) at the bar. However, Charton was there with another guy. As soon as the man left for the bathroom, Culkin took his seat and asked Jazz if the latter was her boyfriend. When she said no, the star didn’t miss his chance and asked if he could be one. And ever since, the duo has been together.

Married Since 2013

Following the cutest encounter at the bar, the love birds started dating soon after, and they exchanged wedding vows on 18 June 2013. Jazz and Kieran tied the knot by the side of the road in Iowa during a storm. Ever since the couple has been happily together.

The smitten pair never shy away to express their love for each other and often update their personal life on social media platforms. In addition, going through her Instagram account, we can see how much the married duo prioritizes family and spending quality time together.

Kieran Culkin’s Wife Is A Mother Of Two

Aside from marital bliss, the Culkin-Charton couple is blessed with two lovely kids. Kieran Culkin’s daughter, Kinsey Siouxalso known as Zissou, was born during a full moon on Friday, 13 September 2019, as the couple’s first baby. Jazz continuously updated her followers about her pregnancy. She shared that she had 25 hours of labor at home and arrived at the hospital too late for pain meds as she was already dilated. The lovely lady also added she burst her facial blood vessels from pushing, but Jazz and her husband never felt more complete.

Kieran Culkin's Wife, Jazz Charton
Kieran Culkin and Jazz Charton are the proud parents of two adorable babies. Image Source: Jazz Charton Instagram.

After two years, the married duo welcomed their baby number two, Wilder Wolf, on 17 August. The mom of two shared a photo with her little perfect man and gave a glimpse into her life as a mother of two.

Unable To Name Her Son For Seven Weeks

Kieran Culkin’s son didn’t get his name until he was seven weeks old. The reason was Jazz and her beau struggled to agree. According to the star, they had difficulty picking a name because they had decided not to find out the baby’s gender before the birth. Finally, after seven weeks the pair named the little boy, Wilder Wolf.

Nonetheless, Kieran Culkin’s wife is a beautiful woman, a proud mother, and a loving spouse. She is enjoying her life as a mom of two and appears to be happy and content. We wish Charton more joy and happiness in the future.

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