Secrets Revealed: 5 Essential Life Hacks for Dating a Celebrity

5 Essential Life Hacks for Dating a Celebrity

Modern media and pop culture have a way of idolizing and even deifying celebrities – almost as if they aren’t actual human beings like the rest of us but are instead demigods living on Mount Hollywood or some other magical place.

Of course, that’s not true. Even though some of the biggest celebrities on the planet are indeed absurdly wealthy and move within social cliques of their own, they are, in fact, ordinary people (give or take some personality quirks that often stem from artistry or fame).

Yet, the rest of us can’t really date a celebrity.

Indeed, we can! Believe it or not, one of the things the vast majority of celebrities have in common is a need for at least a bit of normalcy and peace in their personal life, given how hectic their careers are. So, as it turns out, dating and even marrying a celebrity is a perfectly doable two-step process that many have already accomplished: 1) find a way to come in contact with them, and 2) be charming enough to earn their affection.

And while we can’t necessarily help with the latter, here are a few ideas for the former: 

1. Get into the industry in some way

Celebrities don’t interact exclusively with other celebrities, even when they are at work. Depending on the type of work they do, there are usually people from dozens to hundreds of other professions that come into contact with a particular celebrity on a daily basis. Photographers, makeup artists, stylists, costume and wardrobe supervisors, drivers, delivery guys, consultants, managers, agents, producers, journalists, influencers, etc.

So, likely, the simplest and easiest way to increase your chances of dating a celebrity is to steer your own career in a direction that would maximize your interactions with celebrities. There are no guarantees, of course, but if you look around at most relationships between celebrities and “normal people,” the two have usually met at work.

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2. Become (at least somewhat of) an influencer

This can be seen as an off-shoot of the above, but it’s worth a point of its own as it’s often a one-time opportunity. What we’re referring to is the simple fact that the one thing all celebrities do is give interviews. Nowadays, this means giving interviews not only to established legacy media journalists but also to influencers with a large enough following.

“Large enough” is a relative term, of course. It often means building followings of hundreds of thousands or even millions of people if you want to interview a celebrity – something that’s not easily accomplished. However, it can often mean smaller influences with “just” a few dozen thousand followers, mainly when discussing a smaller pop-culture niche or a particular event the celebrity wants to promote online.

Taking a single interview with a celebrity is hardly a surefire dating opportunity, of course. In most cases, the celebrity will bid you adieu after the interview, which would be that. However, you’d still have passed the first hurdle, which is the establishing of contact. After that, you can either ask for a follow-up or offer them coffee when they can. All that’s needed from there is a bit of charm and luck.

3. Dating apps

Yes, celebrities use dating apps, too. And not just celebrity-only dating apps such as Raya but regular dating apps as well. Many famous celebrities such as Katy Perry, Zac Efron, Laverne Cox, Amy Schumer, and others have famously used apps and sites such as Tinder to find long-standing partners.

This is a bit of a long shot, of course – the chance to find any famous man or woman online who is just swiping left and right like the rest of us is relatively slim. Still, it does happen and isn’t something you should overlook.

Furthermore, let’s not forget that there are celebrities all around the globe and not just in your immediate vicinity or that there are many soon-to-be celebrities, such as aspiring models or actresses, who are currently building their careers. For such dating opportunities, international dating sites such as BridesUniverse can be surprisingly reliable in helping you come into contact with foreign celebrities. Many people have met their wives in that way, only to watch them (and help them) become modeling superstars after a while.

4. Look around for a familiar acquaintance

This is another surprisingly effective thing to consider. The world is much smaller than we often give it credit for and gets smaller and smaller every year thanks to the Internet and social media. So, even if you can’t think of any celebrities you might know personally, statistically, it’s very likely that you have a friend or a friend of a friend who either knows a celebrity or can put you in contact with one.

According to the “Six Degrees of Separation” theory, every person on the planet is connected to everyone else by a chain of five or fewer acquaintances. In other words, a maximum of six interactions separate everyone from everyone else. The keyword here is “maximum,” as, according to this theory, most of us are connected by as few as a couple of common acquaintances.

This does include a fair bit of socializing, of course, and the idea isn’t to immediately start courting the first celebrity you get acquainted with. However, if you ask around and put some effort into socializing, you may not be far from entering a celebrity’s social circle. From there, the sky’s the limit.

5. Open your heart to the world

Last but not least, it never hurts to just… put yourself out there. You can make a viral video or post something nice about them. You can also slide into their DMs. The chances are slim, but you also lose nothing by trying this. Celebrities are known to respond to particularly viral and/or heartfelt messages, sometimes scoring you an in-person meeting or an interview.

This is especially true for younger and lesser-known celebrities and even more so for celebrities in particular smaller niches and fandoms. Obviously, if you try to go after a married Hollywood A-lister, you are significantly limiting your opportunity. However, a more minor and younger celebrity who is still in the beginning stages of growing their popularity is much more likely to respond to many online posts and DMs. 

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